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Growing Businesses Hunting for Less Intricate and Shatterproof Managed VPS Hosting

Plethora of web hosting solutions is available on the Internet to pander the miscellaneous business demands. However, determining which hosting deck makes business ubiquity perpetual is evidently not “chickenfeed”

Longing for less-intricate server management, augmented security, and brass-bound performance are the leading factors, bringing VPS Server Hosting in the radar of small and medium scale enterprises. Since the launch of VM Hosting ESX Server in 2001, VPS as a hosting platform has fascinated large pool of businesses in its orbit. Categorized under Managed and Unmanaged VPS, the hosting platform proffers immense opportunities to flourish.

Twain, hosting solutions are alike in functionalities, however, are different in management. It’s like “your IT resources are managing your server, or the web hosting service vendor”.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting is an ideal solution for the companies that have explicit technical knowledge of server management. The hosting provider owes the responsibility of the physical server, network uptime, and security for your business-critical applications. Right from the upgrades, installation, configuration, and software updates, falls under your job bracket. Unmanaged hosting is a cost-saving solution for the companies having “expert technical hands” to manage and maintain the server.

Managed VPS Hosting reduces your “call of duty” in the management of the server. This effortless solution takes complete ownership of server maintenance, and monitoring, allowing you to fixate on major business goals. Starting from the updates, patch management, configuration, and security is done by the dedicated technocrats. Additionally, round the clock technical support is offered to address for fast resolution. However, managed hosting is an expensive solution, (not exactly as dedicated server) when compared to unmanaged virtual private server hosting.

But the dominant features of managed web hosting outweigh the cost. Businesses that want to have control of a dedicated server along with the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of a traditional shared hosting account, can stick to VPS hosting.

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