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The myriad benefits of adopting Fully Managed VPS Hosting for your business

Most businesses move from Shared Hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting as they grow. VPS Hosting gives them most of the benefits of a dedicated server but minus its costs. There are three types of VPS Hosting solutions – unmanaged /self-managed, semi-managed, and managed.

  • In the unmanaged vps server, the client handles all the management tasks related to the server without the interference of anyone. They enjoy total freedom with full control of the server.
  • In the semi-managed version, the service provider takes care of some management and maintenance aspects of the server.
  • In the Fully Managed managed VPS Server, all the tasks associated with the server are the responsibility of the service provider, who also takes care of installation, updating, and security issues.

Advantages of Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Most hosting solutions providers offer all three types of VPS Hosting solutions to their clients. While it is the most expensive option, most growing businesses prefer to go for the fully managed one because of the many benefits it offers, which completely overshadow its cost.

The biggest factor is convenience. The services provider will handle all the software updates, server troubleshooting issues, data backups, and other server administrative duties for the client. The best part is that the company will do all of these tasks without the client having to specifically ask for them.

The web hosting Services Company will install programs, change preferences, and update the server at no additional cost which is not the case with the other options where the client may have to pay administrative fees and other charges for these small chores. However, there may be certain tasks for which even a Fully Managed VPS Hosting provider would charge a fee. So it would be sensible for a client to ask beforehand about the applicable charges before they request the provider to perform any particular task.

The provider would provide and install an operating system of the client’s choice for the VPS – Windows or Linux – along with a control panel. If the client is uncertain about the choice of OS, the provider would gauge and analyze their requirements and suggest the most suitable one.

They also offer full root access, along with total customization of the server. The client receives the professional support and reliability of an IT team, albeit at a fraction of the cost. They enjoy the benefits of dozens of add-on programs and applications that help them get the most functionality out of the server. Also, there is the option of scaling the operations up and down as and when the need arises. And, all this at the click of a button.

Finally, the provider would extend round the clock technical support to the client. They can expect speedy responses as well as quick resolutions to their issues or problems. Also offered is consultation on the non-urgent issues, for example, software choices or any general questions. For these too, the client can expect expert, technical advice.

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