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6 Security settings you should Tweak When you First Setup your VPS

Whether you purchased VPS for web hosting, gaming or streaming, you should deploy stringent security measures. Even though the host will take care of most aspects of security, you can do a few tweaks to up the security level of your web server. But before we embark on our special journey, we will quickly take Read more>>


When is the Right Time to Switch to VPS from Shared Hosting?

For most websites, shared hosting plans are the first hosting solutions because of their affordability.  Since shared plans are the most cost-effective hosting plans, small businesses and start-ups find them most suitable for launching their online ventures. Shared hosting plans are also comparatively easier to install and deploy. The choice of VPS or shared hosting Read more>>

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How to Be Sure You Found the Right VPS Hosting Provider

When you have started out with shared hosting plans, you can enjoy significant cost-savings. However, shared hosting has its set of drawbacks. One of the most important ones is that you cannot get unlimited resources. You will then need to upgrade to a VPS hosting account which can offer you nearly all benefits of dedicated Read more>>

Understanding Relevance of VPS Hosting for Small and Medium Businesses

A virtual private server helps small and medium enterprises explore the amazing advantages of virtualization technologies and brings privacy and control of dedicated server environment within their easy reach. It facilitates users with access to an isolated environment of a virtual private server that is built by compartmentalization of a large server with the help Read more>>


Difference between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting

In this blog we will explore some of the key differences between Linux and Windows Web hosting, particularly VPS. VPS or the Virtual Private server is a semi-shared and private server that enables clients to have his/her own resources while on a shared platform. There are mainly two types of operating system used for web Read more>>


Virtual Private Server (VPS)-The Buzz Word

The easiest and the best way to explain VPS hosting is to think of it as a server within a larger server. VPS hosting allows a user to host on a more powerful hardware on a virtual server. Understanding VPS hosting Windows VPS hosting can be understood as a website living in one isolated room Read more>>


Optimize Virtualization for Increased Business Output

Today, companies are under extreme pressure to deliver consummate functionality – faster within constricted-budget schedules. It is no secret that costs allied with power, cooling, and other IT resources coupled with maintenance intricacies, makes it a challenging mission for CIOs and IT administrators. This underscores the need for centralized, integrated and business friendly IT environment.  Read more>>


Virtual Private Server Hosting is Risky

Virtual private server is the best option for SMEs and startup companies because the only best thing about this hosting process is the affordability or low price. Though, the price of a virtual private server depends on site’s storage, technology, and bandwidth requirements.  In some cases hosting organizations offer free hosting in the return for Read more>>


Top 3 Traditional and Popular Web Hosting Solutions!

Before the inception of Cloud Hosting techniques, organizations and individuals used to rely on top three basic web hosting processes. These hosting techniques are Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is a web hosting technique where different users share a single server but have the separate directory where they Read more>>