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Top 3 Traditional and Popular Web Hosting Solutions!

Before the inception of Cloud Hosting techniques, organizations and individuals used to rely on top three basic web hosting processes. These hosting techniques are Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is a web hosting technique where different users share a single server but have the separate directory where they upload the files, official documents, images, videos and more. It is one of the cost effective solutions availed by the small scale organizations or SMEs. In this technique the users share the cost of the hard drive disk space allocated to them.

A shared hosting server is completely managed by the web hosting providers. Web hosting providers look after different technical tasks like server management, installation of server software, security updates, technical supports and more.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server):

Virtual Private Server Hosting is popularly known as VPS hosting. It is considered as a virtual machine that is created on a physical server. The hosting providers create multiple virtual physical servers and then provide access to the users. Users find a VPS is as good as a dedicated server bit provides limited resources to the users.

Users easily get root access of a VPS hosting and they are allowed to install any software/Operating Systems and can perform any root level tasks.

Dedicated Server:

Finally a dedicated server hosting is a service where customers rent an entire physical server and not share it with anyone else. The main benefit of a dedicated server is that you need not share disk space unlike a VPS hosting and shared hosting. A dedicated server user owns the complete control over the server and is allowed to select hardware, software, Operating System like Linux, Windows and more.

These are the traditional web hosting techniques which are still popular amongst the customers.

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