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choosing the right VPS Hosting

How to Be Sure You Found the Right VPS Hosting Provider

When you have started out with shared hosting plans, you can enjoy significant cost-savings. However, shared hosting has its set of drawbacks. One of the most important ones is that you cannot get unlimited resources. You will then need to upgrade to a VPS hosting account which can offer you nearly all benefits of dedicated hosting at far lower rates. So, a key reason to shift to VPS hosting is to get better loading speed and improved site performance. In short, when you choose a VPS hosting provider, you need to ensure that it can offer you scalable resources.

When choosing a VPS Hosting  provider, you must also ensure that it can offer you out-of-the-box solutions for your problems. It should offer you additional resources like higher bandwidth or space or processing power, as and when you need them. Larger companies will offer better technical supports and greater discounts. All businesses are looking for web hosting services which can offer them good technical supports. When you are comfortable searching for solutions to technical problems on your own, you can settle for a cheap plan. But, if you are counting on support from your provider to troubleshoot your problems, you will need to investigate its support channels. The hosting company should ideally offer its support through phone calls, chats and emails.

When you own a relatively large ecommerce website, you will automatically require greater RAM. So, you need a VPS hosting provider which can guarantee you more RAM to run more applications seamlessly. Likewise, when you have a lot of images on your website, you will need more disk space for storing these. When you sign up with any VPS host, you need to consider all these factors to be sure you are getting what you are paying for. At times, it may make more sense to pay a little extra to get a host which focuses on customer services.

So, finding that perfect hosting plan is definitely not easy. Getting the perfect combination of features in hosting plans and the perfect management has always been costly. But, today you will find many hosting companies offering packages for low costs to benefit the average users. Though the prices are low, these packages extend full control of the servers to the users. So, users have been able to come up with customizable hosting environments at a fraction of the costs. Reviews of three popular VPS hosting companies can give you an idea about this.

  • To begin with, Amazon LightSail is a relatively new addition to this list of VPS web hosts which allow businesses to integrate with AWS or Amazon Web Services products. This also offers a superior backend infrastructure and competitive prices. So, it is a fantastic choice when you are looking for the best VPS providers.
  • Another reputed and reliable VPS hosting provider is Digital Ocean which had earlier worked mainly with the smaller businesses. This hosting company too offers excellent prices, simple installations and unparalleled customer service supports. Users are free to launch any number of apps on their virtual servers. This helps to eliminate the cumbersome task of running multiple scripts in order to set up different programs. You can start hosting apps right away; this feature allows Digital Ocean to enjoy an edge over its competitors.
  • Finally, Microsoft Azure has mainly targeted large companies which need an excellent ecosystem that includes effective firewalls, load balancers, SQL servers and CDNs. Like the AWS, this hosting provider will let you integrate with other products from Azure; you are free to create Windows environments and use Windows products such as MS SQL servers. But both Azure and AWS take a while to adapt to because the learning curve is more for both.

Each of these hosting providers has a lot to offer, depending on what your business needs are. When you are thinking of hosting a web app which needs limited space, Digital Ocean may be a good choice. When the applications you have launched are likely to grow fast and may need additional resources, you should choose Amazon LightSail. For those looking to build a fully-networked ecosystem with multiple virtual machines, firewalls, and databases and managed CDNs, Microsoft Azure is recommended. Whatever you decide to sign up for, it is advisable to go for a free trial period to see how they work. While LightSail does give its clients a free trial, Digital Ocean or Azure do not. However, they will offer you low-cost options for you to start with. You can upgrade these later as and when you need to. Discontinuing their services is not an issue and deleting servers is also hassle-free.

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