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Linux VPS Hosting

Why Should You Choose Linux VPS Hosting For Your Business?

In shared hosting multiple websites share a single server and its resources. Sharing a single server can affect the performance of your website and can also slow down the loading speed of your website. In VPS hosting a single server is partitioned into multiple servers through the process of virtualization. VPS hosting provides each user a dedicated server with dedicated resources which they don’t have to share with anyone else. Dedicated hosting is another more expensive alternative where the users get a dedicated physical server and resources for their use only.

Here are few features of Virtual Private Server Hosting:


One of the most prominent benefits of VPS hosting India is that you get dedicated resources for your business. In comparison to shared hosting VPS hosting offers more resources for their users. In VPS hosting users don’t have to share resources such as CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, etc.


In shared hosting the performance of your website can get affected by the activity of other users on the server. If some other website on the server is using more resources than that can eventually slow down the performance of your website. In VPS users have a managed dedicated server with dedicated resources which means the performance of your website does not get affected by other users.


In comparison to shared hosting VPS hosting is a bit more expensive. Dedicated hosting on the other hand is even more expensive than VPS hosting. In VPS hosting users can get a combination of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting making it a more cost-effective hosting solution.

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In case of a sudden surge in traffic your hosting solution should be capable of handling the rise in demand. In shared hosting any increase in the traffic can significantly affect the performance of your website. VPS hosting on the other hand is not only capable of handling the sudden surge in traffic, you can also scale your resources whenever required.


Shared hosting is the least secure hosting solution in comparison to other traditional hosting solutions. It is due to the fact that multiple websites are sharing the same server. If the security of any particular website is breached then that can also compromise the security of the rest of the users on the same server. In VPS hosting each server is isolated from each other through virtualization. This reduces the possibility of any unauthorized third party access leading to data theft.


In shared hosting users don’t have the option of choosing the operating system of their choice. Most of the shared hosting service providers also restrict the use of certain software applications. In VPS hosting users have the option to install the operating system and software of their preference. VPS hosting gives users more freedom in comparison to other hosting solutions.

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is the hosting service that uses the Linux operating system. The OS plays an essential role in the hosting service along with the server. It is a bridge between the hardware and the rest of the application requests.

Here are few features of Linux hosting service:


Linux was introduced almost 30 years ago and even to this day Linux remains a free of cost operating system. Even though it has undergone numerous changes it still remains free to use. This is the reason why Linux is considered to be one of the most cost-effective Operating systems for hosting. In Linux hosting the only thing that the user needs to pay for are the hosting services. Linux is also known as a user-friendly operating system making it an ideal choice for your hosting platform.

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The Linux operating system is designed in such a way that it offers great deal of flexibility to the users. The building block of Linux allows it to easily adjust to any change in the environment.

Here are few essentials components of Linux:


It used to send information to the processor, memory and other important areas.


It is only used for the purpose of booting. Users can also choose to increase the boot speed or assign it with the task of handling multiple operating systems.


Daemons in Linux are similar to processes in the Windows operating system.


It is used to enter commands into the system in Linux. It is similar to the DOS commands in a windows operating system.


Linux is an open source software which allows users to make changes as per their requirement. This means users can implement changes that can make it even more secure and less vulnerable to attacks.


Linux is considered to be even more reliable than Windows operating system. In comparison to windows Linux has the lowest incidents of security breach. The major drawback in windows cloud hosting is that even a single update requires rebooting. It can be quite frustrating and time-consuming to reboot the device for a single update.


VPS hosting is one of the most cost-effective hosting solutions in the market. If you are looking for ways to scale your resources without having to spend a lot of money then VPS hosting is the best hosting solution for you. VPS hosting offers dedicated resources with an isolated server which reduces the risk of hacking and viruses. It can help to increase productivity and generate more revenue. VPS hosting gives you the best of the both worlds, not only do you get dedicated resources, but you also get a dedicated server.

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Linux is an open source operating system which has gained huge popularity among the users. It is a user-friendly operating system which allows the users to customize the platform to suit their unique requirements. Linux is easy to use and even if you don’t possess in-depth technical knowledge you can still use Linux without any significant challenges. Linux VPS hosting is a unique combination which offers its users a wide variety of benefits that can truly boost the performance of your website and applications. We hope that this article helps you to gain a deeper understanding of how Linux based VPS hosting works.

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