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Why To Choose VPS Hosting

A VPS is a constructive machine provided as a service by an internet hosting service. By using a VPS hosting, you achieve more by paying a very less amount as compared to others. VPS takes care of all your needs like performance, updates, infrastructure, speed and backups.

A VPS hosting service from Go4hosting helps everyone like; a reseller seeking to host a big list of clients, a creative agency, and an organization with a good performance website or an e-mail storage facility and so on.

There are certain features of VPS hosting which will help you understand it in a better way:

Daily Scheduled Backup: Go4hosting makes sure that your data is safe all the time. It takes your backup on a very serious note. Snapshots of every VPS are taken, every night. We transfer the snapshots to a redundant location managed by us and we store it with us for a period of 7 days. Depending on your need you may retrieve back the data of your entire VPS or a single folder.

99.95% of Service Level Agreement: Go4hosting gives you an industry leading uptime guarantee of 99.95% on the entire network infrastructure along with a high speed.

24*7 networks and monitoring: Our well trained team of engineers is monitoring our VPS and network infrastructure, 24*7.

Infrastructure: We offer a wide range of options to choose, driven by dual Hexa-CoreE5 Series Intel Xeon Processors.

Extra Flexibility: Our VPS hosting plans lets you cherry-pick any flavor from Linux and Windows OS.

Booming Add-ons: To handle your hosted websites professionally, Plesk based cPanel are available.

We provide you unique IP address and mail server in VPS hosting which averts you from spams. The VPS hosting is a simplest solution which guarantees a booming service at a reasonable price with a good speed.

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