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Select Managed VPS Hosting for your business for availing Consistent Performance

Any entrepreneur looking for hosting services to manage their websites has an assortment of different providers to choose from.

The technology and equipment most of these vendors use are similar, but the services they offer may vary.

Therefore it is vital for businesses to be careful while selecting a hosting provider.

One of the predicaments companies face is whether to choose managed or unmanaged hosting.

But to settle this issue, we must first understand what the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting is.

What is Self Managed / Unmanaged hosting?

Unmanaged web hosting is the basic plan with no or very few additional services. In this case, the hosting vendor will provide you with a server and operating system and no more. It means it is now your responsibility to install any software and maintain the setup.

In other words the servers are self managed by you. The responsibility of configuring the server and maintaining it lies with you.

How is Managed hosting different form Self Managed ?

In a managed hosting plan, the vendor can offer a wide range of services. But essentially it will include setup assistance including installing software, server monitoring, comprehensive security, and full back up and storage.

As one IT manager put it, “For our performance hungry applications, we more often than not need the perfect hosting solutions. In such a scenario we have no other option but to go for managed hosting so that our staff can focus more on the core activities of our company”.

The query regarding the need for unmanaged hosting crops up typically when the user upgrades his/her plan from shared hosting to VPS server hosting.

Most entrepreneurs launch their websites with a shared hosting plan because it is the cheapest and also it serves their fledgling business needs.

But as business picks up, their websites experience higher workloads needing more resources and vastly higher level of performance.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is an appropriate upgrade for small and medium businesses to derive advantages of better performance and security.

Some of the compelling advantages of VPS include:

• Scalability
With a good vendor, you can get more resources on the fly. There is no any need for you to transfer files or data bases or change your settings. You can get more resources allocated to you like CPU, RAM and disk space.

• Availability of Managed VPS Hosting with cpanels

You are offered control over the virtual server by getting root access and thereby the ability to write scripts.

• Customer support
It is but natural that with scalability you will get a better level of customer support. When you become part of a VPS plan, there is always assistance available in the form of email, chat or direct phone.

• Security
With VPS you get an isolated container with your own resources. This translates to having the benefits of a dedicated server. The vendor will offer security features tailored to your plan so that you can focus on your business without getting bogged down by technical issues.

Now the question is whether you must choose a managed plan or an unmanaged one.

Yes, it is true that unmanaged one is cheaper and you will have to shell out more money for managed assistance. But in the long run a managed plan can make sense.

Here is what you can gain from managed VPS plans

• Server monitoring
In business, downtime of a website can be an anathema. Apart from loss of revenue, server issues can also mean loss of prospective customers. With managed hosting, the vendor will constantly scan the server for any irregularities in the system to preempt downtimes.
It is rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure”. With managed hosting you benefit by the hosting vendor’s consistent attention given to your system, which by far is more value for your money.

• Security
Managed plans offer you excellent security, far superior to what you can expect in an unmanaged module.

For example you benefit by:

Continuous virus scanning
Getting Operating System updates
Software firewall configuration
Consistent security audits
Spam filtering

• Storage
The storage requirement in an active business environment changes from time to time. Assessing space requirements necessitates specialized skills that only managed hosting can provide in a bespoke manner.

Business benefits of managed hosting are several. Importantly, since most hosting providers focus on their specific area of expertise, the clients get the benefit of latest technology without adding to additional hardware or staff.

Regardless of the benefits of managed hosting, it is however essential that the hosting vendor must be chosen carefully.

Get answers to the following queries before you zero-in to a vendor.

Does the company deliver on its promises, or just guarantees performance?

Is the hosting provider financially sound?

Are the experts that will be made available to you in managed hosting experienced and skilful?

In conclusion, remember that entrusting fully managed VPS hosting services to a provider is a vital decision. If the vendor has a dedicated support team, you stand to get more value for your money by opting for fully managed VPS services.

For comprehensive information on various hosting plans call 1800-212-2022 (Toll Free).

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