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Top 9 Benefits of a Linux Dedicated Server for Your Business

In today’s hyper-connected world, when every business under the sun is vying for a pie of the online space, an impressive website is a must-have. Websites help enterprises showcase their products and services to the internet audience and connect with valuable prospects.

Websites that often experience heavy traffic function optimally with a dedicated server.

Among dedicated server hosting services available in the marketplace, popular alternatives include dedicated Windows server hosting and dedicated Linux server hosting. Many business owners find it difficult to choose between Windows and Linux servers.

Being an open-source operating system, Linux does not involve any licensing fee and, therefore, is far more cost-effective than Windows. This is one of the reasons why Linux has emerged as a popular choice among business owners.

Linux has been created keeping in mind the needs of developers and technicians and, therefore, allows some unique functionalities to its users. Linux dedicated server hosting supports CGI, Perl and PHP programming languages and database management systems such as MySQL. Linux is not only immensely reliable but also highly stable and secure.

Let us discuss the top benefits of a Linux dedicated server for your business:

1) Cost-effectiveness

Linux has always been an incredibly popular operating system among web developers and technicians. This is despite the fact that Windows, its key rival, offers several user-friendly features. One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of Linux is its cost-effectiveness.

Being open-source, Linux does not involve any licensing fees. It is one of the most sought-after operating systems for hosting a dedicated server. It is far cheaper to set up and upgrade a Linux dedicated server.

A Linux dedicated server offers several free applications that are designed for easy integration. Desktop and server applications such as Web server, DNS server and FTP can be downloaded and used for free. Linux also supports popular open-source content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Linux is supported by an ever-growing, active community of developers that offers its users the latest versions of the operating system. Linux dedicated servers can support enterprises with low IT budgets and help them work with the latest technologies.

2) Security

Another key benefit of a Linux dedicated server is that it offers an unmatched level of security. Since Linux is an open-source operating system, everyone in the community network can check the source code and detect (and fix) bugs and vulnerabilities.

This is the reason why Linux operating system remains stable to a great degree even during major cyber-attacks. Windows and other proprietary operating systems, in contrast, depend on an in-house team to release security patches and fix vulnerabilities.

3) Stability        

Linux has always been regarded as a stable operating system with lower chances of crashes and errors. Besides, Linux does not need to be restarted as frequently resulting in lower downtime.

Linux is based on UNIX and UNIX was designed to offer a stable and robust environment. It comes as no surprise that several Linux dedicated servers have been running for years without failure.

In Linux, it is possible to modify a system or program configuration file without the need to reboot the system. Windows, on the other hand, needs rebooting even after a minor patch. Whether it is the installation of a driver or a software update, you will need to reboot each time. Linux also offers a reliable mechanism for process management.

In Linux, if a process shows abnormal behavior, you can use suitable commands and send an appropriate signal to prevent it from affecting the system performance.

4) Flexibility

Being an open-source program, Linux offers unmatched flexibility. You can tweak it to fulfill your server requirements. With Linux, you can operate your server through a terminal or install a graphical user interface (GUI).

Linux comes with an array of tools and utilities that let you perform tasks like managing server, adding users, installing software, managing networking and disks and monitoring performance. With Linux, you can either create programs from source code or install binary files.

One of the most powerful programs in Linux is the shell. The shell offers a consistent environment for running other programs. It has programming constructs that let you execute commands repeatedly, automate server administration tasks and build new tools and utilities.

It is this flexibility that makes Linux more secure than other platforms. In Linux, security can be enhanced by modifying security systems and protocols.

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5) Multitasking

A dedicated Linux server offers users the ability to multi-task. Linux operating system can run multiple programs simultaneously, a feature which other operating systems may not have. In Linux, when you work on one program, other programs keep running in the background. This ability to multi-task helps users to work with greater efficiency.

6) High Performance

Linux is considered superior to any other server available in the marketplace when it comes to performance. It can accommodate multiple users on the same server without any hassle. Linux is also ideal for systems networking. It can be used in conjunction with several devices without any issues.

7) Ease of Use

Linux is an excellent platform for web developers. Linux stands in stark contrast with rigid operating systems like Windows and Apple as it is modular by design and lets you build solutions the way you need them. With Linux, programmers can either build a custom solution from scratch or tweak the existing source code.

8) Hardware Support

Linux is compatible with a large number of computer architectures. It supports both modern as well as comparatively old hardware. This makes Linux an ideal choice for those who do not want to spend much on hardware.

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9) Privacy

Of late, there has been a lot of debate over the lack of privacy options in Windows. Windows gathers a lot of information about its users for their profiling, While profiling may offer better usability, it comes at the cost of compromising user privacy. On the other hand, Linux gathers little information about its users. Besides, Linux is highly customizable, so you can remove the applications you do not trust.

Wrapping Up

A Linux dedicated server offers multiple benefits to businesses. Being an open-source operating system, Linux is far more budget-friendly than dedicated Windows server hosting. Linux offers several free-to-download applications. It also enjoys the support of an active community of developers.

Linux is highly flexible and can be customized to fulfill your specific server requirements. It offers numerous tools and utilities that allow you to perform server management tasks with ease. It is also a highly stable and secure platform.

If you are looking for a dedicated server for your business, let us know. At Go4hosting, we offer premium dedicated Windows server hosting at the most competitive rates. For information related to dedicated Windows server hosting, please get in touch with our technical consultants at our toll-free number 1-800-212-2022.

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