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Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Success of any Online Business

Exclusive support of a dedicated server makes a business website perform without any hiccups. Investing in dedicated server hosting is therefore one of the most prudent business decisions. A dedicated hosting solution helps you strike an optimum balance between resources that boost business and other overheads such as office space and employees.

Unless you gain a thorough knowledge about essential attributes of a dedicated server without falling prey to some of the myths that are surrounding it, you will not be able to find the best dedicated hosting solution for the specific use case in your business. In this post, let us understand a dedicated server hosting from different perspectives to gain a comprehensive insight.

Cost considerations

Cost efficiency was never claimed to be an attribute of a dedicated server, particularly in the initial period when it was introduced as a hosting solution. However, as the server technology continued to make significant advances, hosting companies designed economical hosting plans of dedicated server hosting.

Present hosting packages consist of an optimally priced dedicated server that can fit into budgets of even small and medium sized businesses. If you feel that your current hosting plan would not be able to support your ambitious growth plans or is not offering a secure hosting environment, then there are affordable dedicated server hosting factors to choose from.

What about reliability

There is hardly any doubt that a shared hosting ecosystem impacts performance of websites on account of resource hungry neighbors. The noisy neighbor syndrome is responsible for a large number of shared hosting customers opt for more resource-rich alternatives. The falsehood unlimited shared hosting plans has already been exposed as the hosting service providers restrict resource limits by applying soft conditions.

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Freedom and simplicity

Forget the over-crowded environment of shared hosting that would only suffocate the performance of your website during the most crucial periods. Sudden rise in visitor traffic demands an unrestricted access to resources including memory, disk space, I/O speeds, and bandwidth to name a few. This can only be guaranteed in a dedicated server hosting plan that allocates all resources of a standalone server to support a single online venture.

A dedicated server allows hundred-percent access to all resources of server to a single website without interference of noisy neighbors. The root level access facilitates the entire gamut of administrator functions that include configuring individual settings, use of web application firewall, in addition to freedom of software installation and customization.

It is often said that a dedicated server demands the user to be a technical wizard and should not be tried by someone who lacks knowledge about hardware or software that supports the dedicated server. Although, this was relevant in the past, the new hosted solutions offered by established service providers make it a breeze to own a dedicated server without having any technical exposure about servers.

To add to the simplicity of operating and controlling your dedicated server, an intuitive control panel is provided as part of your hosting package. This can be accessed from anywhere to maintain seamless control on the various aspects of the dedicated server. The control panel is also aimed at allowing you to make the most out of allocated resources. Of course, it can be operated even by a beginner.

Uninterrupted web presence

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As a businessman or an online entrepreneur your first priority is to ensure your web presence without any hiatus. The most important factor to guarantee seamless performance is the uptime and anything less than 99.999 percent would impact web presence and subsequently cause dissatisfaction of visitors.

If your dedicated server provider is not able to provide SLA backed uptime guarantee of 99.999 percent, then you might encounter downtime issues and loss of business. Many users of dedicated server hosting try to save costs by falling prey to substandard hosting service providers that lure them with promise of unlimited plans, which are nothing but marketing gimmicks.

If you choose a reliable and experienced dedicated service to enhance customer satisfaction, a high level of technical support would be guaranteed with easy access to expert technicians via phone, live chat, or other channels of communications. Your hosting solution would also entitle you with facility of submitting ticket from the web control panel for early and satisfactory resolution of complaints.

Secured and rich hosting experience

A dedicated server is hallmark of absolute control and security and the hosting solutions that include dedicated servers are regarded for extremely stringent security and privacy of hosting, unlike shared hosting plans.

In shared hosting, users are always exposed to fear of their digital assets falling into malicious and wrong hands. Reputed providers of dedicated server solutions make sure that their users are not only allocated optimum resources but also protected from hackers as well as spammers.

In conclusion

If your website is on a rapid growth track, then a shared hosting plan would retard progress of your online business. Only a dedicated server will provide a resource rich environment without compromising security of your business data.

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