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How to secure your Dedicated & VPS Servers from hackers ?

Dedicated and VPS Hosting servers are preferred by bloggers as well as owners of websites on account of greater resources and assured performance under challenging conditions. However, you need to implement several security measures for preventing cyber attacks while exploring amazing benefits of these feature-rich resources.

Cyber criminals, hackers, and spammers operate with intention to steal sensitive data or hack email servers with an objective of spamming. There are many instances where hackers have demanded huge ransom to release the hacked information that is extremely confidential and significant. This underlines the significance of securing a dedicated server.

Essential security measures

Regular scans can effectively prevent malware and virus attacks. Standard scanning process is designed to detect and eliminate virus that can be potentially dangerous to the health of servers.

Dedicated servers are usually accessed by entering passwords that are provided as root account. This is the most vulnerable way of accessing a server and one must always avoid use of passwords because these can be hacked by cyber criminals who are using advanced methods to guess your access passwords. In order to eliminate possibility of password hacks, one must implement generation and configuration of an SSH key.

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Significance of monitoring

It is unfortunate that many users hardly pay attention to the monitoring of processes and servers while focusing only on setting up of a web venture. There are instances where users have not cared to check processes and server warnings for months together.  Server logs must be regularly checked for ensuring flawless performance and security of your mission critical website.

Operating your server in an unsecured environment of a public Wi-Fi or a net café can be potentially hazardous activity. In order to make sure that your server is not accessed in a vulnerable manner even by chance.  Under no circumstances, your server should be accessed from an unreliable Internet Service Provider. You should rely on a reputed ISP provider to allocate a static IP address configured to the firewall of server so that nobody would be able to access server from an unsecured environment.

Similarly, you should procure an exclusive SSL and make sure that it is installed on VPS or dedicated server by making use of WHM root or SSH. This will help you avoid a common security warning while attempting a server access during initial phase. Although cPanels carry a self-signed SSLs by default, these can’t be trusted from the security point of view, hence the security warnings.

Prevention of infections and DDoS events

Enterprise level anti malware engine is the most reliable resource to prevent your web applications from falling prey to infections due to virus, adware, and malware. This guarantees real time security by blocking entry of virus and malware inside the system. Antivirus programs allow running of scheduled scans and usually a weekly scan would serve the purpose.

In addition to antivirus applications, one should also explore leveraging anti-ransomware programs as an added security measure. Reputed service providers are known for their outstanding tech support that is available 24 x 7. The technical experts also make sure that the security resources are properly configured and updated on a regular basis.

Occurrence of DDoS attacks is increasing with an alarming frequency and intensity. If your website suffers from such calamity, then your visitors will not be able to access the site thereby resulting in blockade all its services. Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS is caused due to a large number of hits from different IP address.

A specially developed DDoS mitigation program is designed to analyze the incoming traffic in terms of specific patterns and blocks such traffic much before there is a widespread impact leading to a complete blockade of services. Malicious traffic is therefore successfully prevented from gaining access to your server or web application.

Importance of software updates

Your web server can be home to a plethora of security related vulnerabilities, unless you are vigilant about maintaining software and operating systems in their latest forms. This can only be achieved by regular system updates and security patching. Obsolete applications can do more harm than good to your web presence. It is the most important task of admins to make sure that the system is current in terms of parches and updates.

Almost every Content Management System is offering frequent updates to deal with vulnerabilities. However, the default CMS applications provided during the initial setup period are never updated in majority of the cases. Updates are also significant for plugins and other third party applications that are installed on the servers.

In conclusion

It is really unfortunate that in spite of a considerable rise in hacking instances, many website owners are found to be slightly casual about implementing measures to keep hackers at bay. Keep your mission critical resource of VPS or dedicated server in the best pink of its health by following the guidelines described in this post.

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