Internet Service Provider

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An Internet Service Provider is popularly known as the ISP and it refers to a business which offers web services against monthly charges. For this monthly fee, the Internet Service Provider will offer you a software package, having password and username and an access phone number. When you have a modem, you can log onto the Internet, browse the Internet and receive or send emails. You can get broadband modem hardware; pay monthly charges for this device which is then added to your ISP bills. The ISP not only caters to individuals wanting Internet access, they also serve businesses and may be connected to each other through NAPs or Network Access Points.

When evaluating ISPs, you should ideally consider the following factors:

• The ongoing and upfront charges

• Speed from the provider to the network

• Average uptime which is typically expressed as a percentage

• Average wait time for calls to technical support teams

• Security provisions like the firewall, intrusion detection measures and filtering router

• Static IPs as opposed to dynamic IPs

• The bandwidth which this provider has to other such providers and redundancy of connections

• Additional features like web hosting and emails.


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