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Internal Cloud

An internal cloud is a service model of cloud computing that is defined within an organization’s own infrastructure. Thus, Internal Cloud is meant specifically for a single organization and there is no sharing of resources.

When a cloud model is to be provisioned by an organization, it has the following choices –

  • Procuring public cloud
  • Procuring private cloud, or internal cloud

An Internal cloud and a private cloud have the same underlying goal: to make cloud resources available to a specific organization.

Difference between an internal cloud and a private cloud

An internal cloud and a private cloud are different in the way they are setup. Private clouds can be procured over third-party infrastructure but internal clouds will only be provisioned within an organization’s own premises.

Internal cloud vs External cloud

Internal clouds are more expensive to implement than the external cloud. Thus, any decision to implement internal clouds can never be motivated by cost savings. In fact, internal computing is always more expensive because it involves buying hardware components. External clouds, on the other hand, revolve around lease n’ use methodology, so the upfront cost is eliminated in the process. 

Who should provision internal cloud computing?

An internal cloud hosting is solely meant for organizations that need more control and customizability while also maintaining some accessibility.

How much does internal cloud cost?

The upfront cost involved can range anywhere between a thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars, depending on the scale of cloud deployment. However, once the initial investment has been shelled out, you wouldn’t need to pump in more money in the form of operating cost.

What are the advantages of internal clouds?

Internal cloud computing offers the following benefits –

Control – since the cloud model is entirely self-provisioned it offers more control than third-party clouds. There is also added freedom to change the underlying hardware and make it more suitable for the organization’s needs.

Customizability – third-party clouds aren’t really customizable. The same platform that hosts your website also hosts hundreds of other websites so the provider cannot allow clients to customize the backend because doing so will impact other websites hosted on the server.

Security – a system is more secure if you are in charge of it than when it is managed by a third-party provider. In internal computing, you aren’t uploading data elsewhere but your own web servers, maintained within your premises.

Difference between internal and public cloud

An internal cloud is different in many aspects from a public cloud. Public clouds are built specifically to bring down the cost of acquiring IT infrastructure, an advantage that comes at the cost of control, customizability and security. Internal cloud computing is solely aimed at uplifting the control, security and other factors that public clouds lack. For that very reason, an internal cloud may not be extremely cost-effective but is extremely robust and easy to manage.

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