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Windows On VPS Servers And Some Reasons For Its Growing Popularity

VPS Servers or virtual private servers are protected and reliable hosts. This technology is costly but again it is highly secure, steadfast and robust. VPS technology also helps to keep data confidential and offers a seamless access 24×7.

Windows can be made to run on VPS Servers by two types of virtualization technologies. The first one involves XEN and it helps to make a completely virtualized VPS platform. The second one includes Hyper-V; this is a special kind of virtualization system which has been developed by Microsoft and runs Windows VPS servers.

XEN Technology

It allows an administrator to create fully managed virtual servers. This is done by keeping the server completely isolated from similar servers; at the same time it makes use of the same set of hardware produced by different kernels.

Most of the times, a completely virtualized environment keeps all running systems connected to respective kernels. Thereafter it addresses the successive layer of virtualized hardware.

Hyper-V Technology

Hyper-V is basically a lesser known technology. It involves a hypervisor and this component acts as per partitioning rules. Generally there lies just one parent partition which can access hardware and also hold the ability to create child partitions.

Such child partitions host the guest operating systems inside a virtual environment. This is somewhat similar to XEN and its various interfaces. But on studying Hyper-V closely, you will learn that it is a modified version of Windows Server 2008 core installation with an unpretentious virtualization support. This is the reason why it appears like OpenVZ, and also uses various modifications of the Linux Kernel.

Amongst all the virtual server platforms available in the market, Windows is the most popular one. As a result, Windows VPS Servers has become a ground-breaking solution for customers who seek Windows hosting, but cannot afford a dedicated server. This is the reason behind the ever-growing popularity of Windows VPS Hosting services.

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