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Some Tricks To Boost The Performance Of Your WordPress Website

Squished images, minified CSS, plug-in caches and squatted JavaScript, you have tried them all. I can picture it and I assume that your WordPress website just doesn’t seem to speed up!

If that’s the case, then it’s high time you had signed up for a good CDN service. CDN is the short form for content delivery network.

A brief look at WordPress websites

As we all know, WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) platform. Bloggers across the globe publish their write-ups with the help of this handy tool. Both WordPress website owners and writers know that speed is really important when it comes to delivering a decent user experience. In order to do so, they generally make a few tweaks on the WordPress Website. These tweaks might as well effect their speed. But for a visible increase of your WordPress website’s speed, you need to get it optimized by a professional.

Factors which can enhance the speed of a WordPress website are as follows:

  • Select and invest in a reliable web hosting and DNS (Domain Name Service) provider. Such a service provider helps to increase the website’s speed as well as boosts performance metrics. A right hosting package could be costly but in the long run, you end up paying for industry-grade services. As a result, you are saved from irksome issues such as recurrent downtimes, low quality servers, poor customer support etc. In case you own a high-traffic blog, switching to VPS hosting or Managed hosting services is advisable.
  • If you are looking for nothing short of blazing fast speed and a quick website response time, Content Delivery Network (CDN) is your answer. A Cloud CDN service will ensure that your website loads speedily irrespective of the user’s time-zone and geographical coordinates.
  • Basically a CDN is a server setup which enables fast and efficient delivery of the website’s content. It comprises of a large distributed system of servers which are deployed across multiple data centers over the Internet. As a result, CDN obtains static files of any website which include CSS, JavaScript and images. These are served to the visitor from a server which is closest to his location and these files get downloaded instantly.
  • WordPress itself offers some speed optimization tweaks on its dashboard. So you can create smart plug-ins in just a few clicks. Ensure that the images that you upload are light weight and optimized.
  • Check the performance of your WordPress theme. Try to go with a simple theme for your website.
  • Limit your HTTP request numbers to obtain website files of smaller sizes.

Thus, by sticking to the above steps, and by carefully selecting a legitimate Cloud CDN service, you can boost your WordPress website’s performance.

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