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4 Ways to Cut Down On Dedicated Server Costs

We all know how expensive the dedicated servers are. The entry-level service with dedicated hosting can cost a few hundred dollars per month. This can easily shoot up to ten thousand dollars or more for bigger organizations. If you are moving or planning to move your resources to a dedicated server host, you should know Read more>>

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Combining Dedicated Servers with Other Hosting Technologies

Like every other website, you also probably started with shared hosting. Not to mention, it is the cheapest option out there and budget is the ‘deciding-factor’ at the start. Soon enough your website may outgrow the cheap shared host and demand a more versatile platform like the VPS. A VPS would work fine at the Read more>>

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Dedicated vs Cloud Servers: Which one to choose for your Business?

The strides in information technology have allowed establishments to move from on-premises hosting to the cloud. Cloud servers offer unsurpassed flexibility and agility allowing businesses to meet the fluctuating demands of their operations. Notwithstanding the benefits offered by cloud servers, businesses are increasingly choosing dedicated servers to host critical applications and store sensitive data. In Read more>>

How Kubernetes Is Changing The DevOps Space

How Kubernetes Is Changing The DevOps Space

DevOps has emerged as one of the biggest assets for organizations looking to take that great leap forward while making them become more agile and reliable. Businesses rely greatly on DevOps to deliver the technology they need to deal with the various challenges of growing and expanding their business. DevOps never disappoints when called upon Read more>>

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Rising Popularity Of Elastic Cloud Servers

Elastic Cloud Server is a next-gen root server that has gained new heights of popularity. More and more businesses are looking forward to embrace this server as it gives them the freedom to customize the resources according to their business requirements. Simply put, it facilitates the user with virtual server with exact amount of resources Read more>>


Go4Hosting introduces Elastic Servers and Cloud Servers

In its practice of setting benchmark in ‘ Web Hosting ‘ industry, Go4Hosting has become a number one Data Center to provide  ‘ Dedicated Server Hosting Service ‘ on Cloud as an option to its customers.  Companies now have an option to choose between flexible and fixed cloud servers known as Elastic Servers and Cloud Read more>>