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Key Arguments in Favor of Colocation for Businesses

Most prudent business leaders understand the importance of signing up for colocation hosting solutions today. The truth is, whether you have a business which is growing or whether you wish to get experts to manage your servers, colocation is always the best choice for any business. While you may feel the need for colocation, your team may not be in favor of it. A possible reason for this may be that they are not aware of the multiple benefits which colocation can offer. So, there are indeed some arguments which you may use for convincing your team members about the positive benefits of using colocation.

Why should Businesses not Disregard Colocation Services?

  • Colocation is simply when you lease the rack space belonging to a third party in order to house your servers. You can use the provider’s bandwidth, security systems, technical supports, cooling systems, power supplies and network connectivity as your own, in exchange for nominal fees. You can try to explain to your colleagues why the decision of not choosing colocation can lead to potential losses. You must drive home the point that colocation hosting providers will save both money and resources for a company.
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  • Along with this argument, it is necessary to warn the team about the harmful effects of the decision not to choose colocation. It can hurt the business in many ways, whether it is the failure to protect data from hackers and viruses or going through system overloads which may take the business offline. Both security threats and server overloading can prove to be disastrous for your business. It will not only affect sales; it will also affect the company’s reputation and brand image.
  • To convince your team about the good effects of choosing a colocation provider you must explain to them how colocation works. You have to insist on the money you can save by housing your servers in state-of-the-art data centers which are equipped with high-end HVAC systems, fire suppression systems and uninterruptible power supplies. The best way to come to a decision in favor of colocation is to get the whole team together to choose the best option which suits everyone.
  • Most managed service providers realize the concerns which professionals have about commitment to colocation. So, your task is to identify a Managed Services Provider or MSP who can offer colocation hosting solutions which will cater to your business specific demands. Such MSPs can even get in touch with your team members and offer them explanations about the uses of colocation. They can walk the others through the entire colocation process and even suggest that the company tries it out for a period first. They can then choose to pay for it if the solutions are found to be beneficial.
  • One of the strongest arguments in favor of colocation is that you can get additional resources from the provider which is obviously beneficial than having an on-site data center. Maintaining a private data center is expensive but with colocation, they can even afford to enjoy N+1 redundancy, backup generators, multiple carriers etc.
  • There are providers of colocation who can even offer supports to businesses on demand. So, you can actually have “remote hands” helping you troubleshoot problems. This advantage is undeniable and you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that experts are always available and prepared to help whenever a situation arises.
  • As far as security goes, colocation hosting providers will deploy robust security measures like video surveillance, biometric scanners; most colocation facilities are equipped to withstand calamities like floods and storms. Besides crisis management, they are experts at disaster recovery. So, your hardware and data are always safe in a colocation facility. You can even choose from their different disaster recovery services, whether it is replicating your network in some secondary site or on the cloud.
  • Since hybrid infrastructures are now on the rise, it makes sense to choose data center colocation. It has been predicted that nearly 50% businesses will start using the hybrid infrastructure soon because of its added flexibility. Planning for a hybrid environment is possible with colocation and this is why moving towards colocation first is the natural step one must take to embrace the hybrid solution later on. While businesses will invariably grow or expand, those companies which cannot scale well will not be able to survive for long. A colocation strategy will ensure that expansion on IT front is being managed effectively.
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