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AWS Architecture

Advantages Galore With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services are a versatile suite of tools that manage your online presence with aplomb. Every second counts in the rapidly evolving technological sector, and Go4hosting is dedicated to keeping up with the times for the betterment of our clients.

Go4hosting For A Well-Architected Framework

Amazon Web Services have guidance in the form of their Well-Architected Framework for implementing exactly what you want from your online presence while conforming to the best practices that make your websites, servers and processors run at optimal performance.

Build a robust architecture

Amazon Web Services make the process of constructing a strong cloud based system smoother and manageable. Keeping the important factors of cost-effectiveness and security in mind throughout the planning process is a must for every programmer and developer worth their salt, and Amazon Web Services ensures that these factors do not get lost in the pursuit of user experience. Having a robust system that performs exactly as advertised and does not stutter under heavy loads is paramount – the look and feel come later, when the basic structures are all in place.

Back up the critical processes

In making a secure architecture, lots of changes can occur during all phases of the process – planning, development and deployment, among others. Hence, backing up becomes critical, and thankfully Amazon Web Services provide the necessary tools to keep a secure backup of your system. At any point in time, the glitches in the current system can be addressed by restoring the previous glitch free processes till the new one is fixed.

Faster Risk-Free Deployment

By using these guidelines, your architecture can be built faster and troubleshot easily. The Well-Architected Framework also lets you analyze your architecture before deployment so that you do not run the risk of your applications failing or your server crashing when users launch them.

Identify The Underperformers

Following the Well-Architected Framework in combination with the analytic tools of Amazon Web Services, you can see which of your system components are yielding the performance required of them, or whether some are simply taking up valuable space and resources without being called upon frequently. Offloading these parts can save significant amounts of money, which is always good for any company’s book value.

Gain Intensive Knowledge

Well-Architected Framework gives you access to technical treatises and whitepapers that expound on the most efficient architecture plans for dedicated systems, which are used extensively by Go4hosting experts to delve deep into how the best performance can be coaxed from our systems. When we provide Amazon Web Services as part of our offerings, we strive to make the best use of all that knowledge and pass it on to you.

The Well-Architected Framework has five ‘pillars’ according to Amazon themselves:

  • Operational Excellence – continuous improvement is key to producing the best business value
  • Security – privilege-only access to data and controlling untoward incidents, among other things
  • Reliability – “cross project management” and dealing with hiccups are part of this pillar
  • Performance Efficiency – monitoring workload and allocating apt resources as demand varies
  • Cost Optimization – deciding what is essential and investing in that for scaling up (or down) Building on these pillars, there are significant advantages of following the Well-Architected Framework as laid out by Amazon.

Far-Reaching Consequences Of Well-Architected Framework

Go4hosting does not just use Amazon Web Services, we enhance their value by building architecture that suits your exact business needs. Using the Well-Architected Framework, present bottlenecks or latencies among a host of other faults can be found and fixed, but where the future is concerned, there are much bigger plans.

Imagine going ‘serverless’ for your website, or mobile application backend, or streaming service. Apart from the obvious reduction in expenses, this kind of utilization of Amazon Web Services sets your business up for a long time, and makes it adaptive to change. This is vitally important in today’s fast-paced information technology enabled services sector.

Many applications of High Performance Computing (HPC) are yet to be explored, and using Amazon Web Services in tandem with Well-Architected Framework opens up new areas for businesses to grow. At Go4hosting, we encourage diversification because we believe in our motto of moving ahead while thinking of the future.

Since Amazon Web Services offers the flexibility that is so important in the dynamic cloud industry, it has become one of the preferred methods of building cloud applications. Amazon has leveraged its considerable experience of web services while providing this suite of tools for web and cloud management, making it relatively simple for people who know what they are doing to deploy easily scalable projects on the cloud.

Go4hosting has included Amazon Web Services in its repertoire of services and support to cater better to our clients who wish to migrate to Amazon Web Services or are currently on Amazon Web Services and want to make it work effectively for them to achieve their desired goals.

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