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AWS Capabilities

Expand Your Business To New Bounds With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services are the perfect companion to every business, whether growing, established or even nascent. In their sheer variety of system control capabilities and in the scope of the technical tasks they can assist your business in, they have nary an equal.

Multiple Advantages That You Gain From AWS

For starters, AWS Key Management Service provides you with centralized management of your cryptography keys.
KMS presents administrators with a combined view of all of the keys in use within your organization.

AWS Key Management Service

Amazon Web Services Key Management Service (KMS) is a comprehensive product which works as a managed service that creates multiple, yet always simple, ways for you to make and manage the coding keys custom-developed to codify and protect your critical data, and uses Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to safeguard the integrity of your keys and security credentials. AWS Key Management Service is integrated with different AWS services, working together with Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, and Amazon Redshift. AWS Key Management Service is additionally integrated with AWS CloudTrail to supply you with consistent logs of all key usages to assist in meeting your restrictive and compliance standards.

AWS Config

Amazon Web Services Config functions as an integral managed service that works wonders for your business, with the additional benefits of AWS resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration modification notifications, to have complete control over system security and governance. With AWS Config you will be more than able to discover the capabilities of existing AWS resources, export the whole inventory of your AWS resources with all configuration details, and verify each instance when a resource was designed, in any period of time. These capabilities allow minute control over compliance auditing, security analysis, resource modification requests, and troubleshooting, among other capabilities.

AWS Service Catalog

Amazon Web Services Service Catalog works as a service that enables authorized system managers to make and manage approved catalogs of resources that your business’s users will then access via a personalized portal. You will be making use of system management settings to control which users have access to certain applications or AWS resources, and also to change compliance regulations along with your business policies, whereas your business’s users will simply browse and launch their legal merchandise from the service catalogs you produce. AWS Service Catalog will galvanize your organization to profit from proactive adaptation to both market trends and reduced prices, as last-mile users will realize their visions and launch their offerings, tangible or intangible, they have from a catalog that you simply oversee, with minimal intervention.

You will simply produce, import, and rotate keys in addition to outlining usage policies and auditing usage from the AWS Management Console or by delving into the AWS SDK or CLI for the technically adept.

Amazon Web Services are integrated with many alternative AWS services to create simple processes to secure the info you store with these services, by utilizing keys which are always up to you to manage. AWS Key Management Service also makes it simple to manage cryptography keys that are required to cypher information used by your applications no matter where you store it.

Amazon Web Services work with AWS CloudTrail for presenting you with logs of API calls directed to or by KMS. These logs assist you meet statutory compliance and regulative prerequisites by providing details of the instances wherein keys were accessed and the entity that accessed them. There is no charge for the storage of default keys in your account. You pay just for the extra master keys that you produce and your key usage.

Amazon Web Services provide you a secure location to store and use cryptography keys, applying FIPS 140-2 standard hardware security modules wherever your unencrypted keys have to be solely employed in memory. KMS keys will not be ever transmitted outside of the AWS regions within which they were created. Security and quality control in AWS KMS are valid and authorized by variety of compliance schemes.

The diverse capabilities of Amazon Web Services can be utilized to address existing issues as well as build a robust system from scratch that caters uniquely to your business needs. By bringing Amazon Web Services into the fold of Go4hosting services, we have expanded our horizons and hope to enable our clients to do the same!

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