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Managed AWS Security Services

Have Complete Peace Of Mind With Go4hosting Protecting Your AWS

With the immense growth in technologically enabled finance and business has arisen the compounding threat posed by nefarious elements belonging to the seedy underbelly of information technology. The only way to stay one step ahead, at the very least, of these hackers and phishers intent on gaining access to your systems is to employ multiple layers of security to protect our business critical data as well as your client information.

Wholesome Security For All Your System Components

Go4hosting is well versed in keeping data and processes secure.

With the addition of Amazon Web Services, the level of security is boosted significantly. Persistent threats that pervade cyberspace are more categorically dealt with, and hence the risk of falling prey to generic threats falls to nearly zero levels.

Regulatory Compliance

In case you have to meet regulations depending on your geographical location, for example GDPR in the European Union, Go4hosting can manage your Amazon Web Services to fulfil the criteria and comply with those regulations. If your system needs hardware compliance certificates or communication security, we take care of that as well.


Transparency and flexibility are what the Go4hosting teams focus on while developing customized features for you on the Amazon Web Services platform, so that you can assess and alter your configuration on an as and when required basis. This is extremely important due to the dynamic nature of businesses today, especially technology driven ones. In fact, one of the main reasons Go4hosting offers Amazon Web Services is because of the security features of the suite of tools, which complements the services already in Go4hosting’s ambit and reinforces the web of security around them.

Physical Security

By limiting the access to the physical components of your network that store credentials and permission levels, Go4hosting increases security in a way which aids your Amazon Web Services in keeping unwanted fooling around within your system nonexistent. Security at Go4hosting data centers is multitier by design and foolproof by implementation, leaving you free to explore new avenues of business rather than ways to thwart cyber-attacks.

Access Control

By using encryption, your login credentials and critical system information remains hidden from such sources of threats, rendering their attempts at cyber infiltration useless. Amazon Web Services has its own management suite for access control, which is ably supplemented and utilized by Go4hosting.

The USP of AWS

Amazon Web Services gain from the exhaustive experience of their parent company, a behemoth in its own right in multiple sectors of the technology industry. From humble beginnings, Amazon has gone from strength to strength by being adaptive and future thinking, which is why it makes complete and utter sense for Go4hosting to offer Amazon Web Services Security to our clients.

To deal with the diverse dangers that are faced by user accounts, system infrastructure (exploiting vulnerabilities in hardware has become commonplace since manufacturing became rampant in China), communication between your clients and your systems, and various other parts of your online presence, it is best to add expert support like that offered by Go4hosting to the security suite of Amazon Web Services.

By managing the firewalls and system access credentials with multiple layers of authentication and verification, user information stealing proves almost impossible for hackers and malicious programmers. Dealing with distributed denial of service or malware installation attempts becomes easier by implementing the iteration of Amazon Web Services offered by Go4hosting. Any breaches in the system are blocked quickly and damage control procedures kick in instantly, minimizing the risk of harm to your data and code.

If your business has its core technology exposed to the turbulences of the cloud platform it is hosted on, chances of your firewalls, antivirus, anti-phishing and other measures performing up to scratch decrease exponentially. This is because of the connected nature of the cloud, which leaves many access paths open as an inherent characteristic of the network. Distributed systems and applications require instant communications between geographically separated servers to be secure and safe, which can only be achieved by continually updating security measures that surround your part of the system. This is where Amazon Web Services play an important role.

All Security Measures In Place & In One Place

Go4hosting’s team of Amazon Web Services experts simplifies the controls and security features that protect all the data floating on our section of the cloud. When even a single byte is requested or sent, utmost precautions are taken by them through programming and consolidating the security procedures of Amazon Web Services as well as Go4hosting. This amalgamation of security results in a streamlined countermeasure against threats originating from the diverse sources on the internet.

If and when you are in doubt regarding the intricate data regulation laws and their applicability to your business, you can call – nay, depend – upon us for infallible advice by virtue of our well-established experience in virtual security.

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