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How to Change Email Hosting Provider

The important factor about changing email hosting provider is to ensure there are no lost messages, delays in delivery of emails, and duplication of messages. The first step is to change the DNS (Domain Name System) records from your present provider. Purchase your plan from Go4hosting and create an account. Point the DNS to your new account. You can always refer to the technical team for any assistance regarding which name servers you must change. It may take anything between 48 to 72 hours for the change to take effect. The critical issue that arises is where do the incoming emails go during this intervening period?

Find out from your old hosting company the IP address that you use to receive emails (IMAP or POP3) and the IP address that is used for sending emails (an STMP server). If you cannot ask them, you can find it out yourself. Go to the configuration screen of your old account. Look for your old server address. Open a Command line window. Type "nslookup mail.yourname.com". Replace the addresses on the configuration screen with the IP address. This ensures your email client will receive and send the messages from the old email hosting service provider.

You can find out the new IP address of the POP3/IMAP server that you will use in future to receive emails and the SMTP server to send messages. go4hosting will provide the configuration information. Add the new account to the email client changing the IP addresses in the respective servers.

Login to your account. Click on where the domain name "points to". Click "change where domain points". You can find your old hosting account names on the screen. Replace and enter the two new name servers. Press on OK. Your new email account will be activated anytime between 48 to 72 hours.  You can receive emails from both your old and new account. Delete your old account once you get the activation confirmation.

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