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How to Find Email Hosting Provider

You must have signed up with an email hosting provider to receive and send emails. You may want to find your email host. This is necessary to transfer a custom domain or to connect a domain. You may also want to switch from your current provider.  

1. Find MX Records

Check the MX Records. The MX Records (Mail Exchanger) is a verified resource record that identifies the mail servers used to accept incoming email for your domain and where the emails are directed to processes those messages. Look for the MX Records in the Domains panel.

Go to Home Menu > click Settings > then click Domains.

Under Managed, click your domain.

Click Advanced Settings. Scroll down to Custom Records.

Look for any lines with MX in the Record column.

At the end of the data record, you can find the name of the domain's email hosting provider like smtp.xxxx.com.

2. IP Whois

Sometimes, the domain will have custom MX records. This is necessary if you want all the incoming emails to be processed externally rather than in the in-built mail system.  You must then do a DNS lookup on the Hostname in the MX record to find the email provider's IP address. Do an IP Whois search where you can get the IP address of the email service provider.

Copy and enter the Hostname i.e. smtp.xxxx.com for the MX record from Step 1

In the new Go4hosting account. Press Enter.

Search for the A record and enter the IP address mentioned there in the whois directory. Press Enter.

You will get the email provider's dedicated IP address as per the whois record

You will get the name of the email service provider. You can call on this company about the domain's email.

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