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How to Transfer Email Hosting

Follow the steps mentioned below to transfer your email hosting account from your existing cPanel account to another say your new Go4hosting account.

Give a name to the domain - say- yourxxxx.com. Ensure that you have added yourxxxx.com as Parked domain or Addon Domain in your new Go4hosting cPanel server account. 

Transfer Old Email Accounts

Open a FTP client. Login to your earlier held email account. Go to /etc directory. You can find it under (/home/cPaneluser/etc/).  Look out for the folder named yourxxxx.com. That is the new domain account where you will be transferring your email hosting to. You must download the yourxxxx.com folder somewhere on your computer. The folder will contain all the email addresses like encrypted passwords, the server configuration setup, and similar that relate to the corresponding domain.

Connect the FTP Client to the new hosting account where you wish to transfer the old email accounts. Go back to the /etc directory and upload the earlier downloaded yourxxxx.com folder.

This completes the transfer of the old email accounts. Rename or remove the earlier downloaded yourxxxx.com folder from your machine.

Transfer of Email Messages

The steps are same as mentioned above. Here you must go to the mail folder rather than the etc/folder mentioned above. to locate it, go to the cPanel's email accounts interface. cPanel>Home> email>email accounts. Download the folder called yourxxxx.com to your local computer. This directory consists all the messages related to the yourxxxx.com. Next, go to the new account where the messages need to be transferred and upload the folder yourxxxx.com to the mail/ directory. the transfer will be successfully completed.

You can check your transferred emails by going back to cPanel > Email Accounts in the destination account. To point the mail-flow (transport rules) for yourxxxx.com to the Go4hosting hosting services, you can always contact Go4hosting support team to make the necessary changes in the MX Records.

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