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How Email Hosting Works

Email hosting refers to an Internet hosting service that leases out and operates email servers. Professional email hosting solutions are premium services and distinct from free email hosting by Google and Yahoo. You will find that most hosting service providers can give you advanced email solutions like managing user domain names, security authentication features such as filters, replication and re-routing.

When an email gets sent, the message is routed between servers through a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). This is to ensure that email travels smoothly from clients to the recipients' email server. The email is therefore sent first to an outgoing email server, which is entrusted with the task of transporting the email.

This protocol will check the address to understand where to transfer the email. But the SMTP cannot read domain names on its own; it needs a computer-friendly IP for locating and then sending this message to the desired recipient. Therefore, the SMTP will reach out to the DNS server. When the IP is identified, it can find out if this domain has MX or mail exchange servers which can offer more information about where the mails must be routed to. The MTA or Mail Transfer Agent will decide where to place the email and the recipient gets a new notification.

Email hosting is therefore going to run completely on email servers. So, when you have a domain name you can sign up for email hosting services. Most web hosts will also offer email hosting solutions, but these plans are likely to have POP3 mails and basic spam filters. Using professional email hosting will give you much needed peace of mind. It will allow you to focus on developing your business instead of worrying about dealing with spam mails and viruses. Most providers offer feature-rich hosting options like unlimited forwarders, unlimited aliases, robust spam filters, virus protection, auto res-ponders, calendars, online storage, mailing lists, archiving etc. Finally, email hosting is highly affordable and you do not have to pay for maintenance of in-house mail servers.

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