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How to Check Email Hosting

You must first decide about email client you wish to use IMAP or POP3. The difference between the two is detailed below.
An email client is a software used to write and read all the digital messages. It enables you to send and receive email.  The email clients use different protocols which you can use. Some are free while for some you pay a license fee.

1. Webmail Clients

All the web hosting plans, usually include three webmail clients (SquirrelMail, Roundcube, Horde) by default. Using a webmail client will enable you to check your email from any internet connected computer.
2. Desktop Clients

There are a few email clients located on your desktop - Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Mac Mail.

How is POP3 different from IMAP?  

When you use the POP3 protocol, the emails are directly downloaded to the client and get deleted from the email hosting server. If there are attachments to an email, it will open at the same speed as if it is saved on your server.  You can read the emails even if your system is not connected to internet.

POP has its limitations. If the server crashes, all the emails are lost as it does not create a copy. If the email is checked on POP3 client, it cannot be read on any other client.
When you use the IMAP protocol, the emails are still available on the hosting server. You need not download since you can read the emails.  You can receive and read the same emails from multiple client protocols. This is because the emails are not deleted from the server. The disadvantage with IMAP is it takes a longer time to process an email with attachments. An internet connection is a must to read the emails.

IMAP is preferred by most users as it allows access via a desktop client, mobile phone, or webmail. You will never miss an email. POP3 can enable faster connection if you use only one client and location.

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