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How to Switch Email Hosting Provider

Purchase your plan from Go4hosting and create an account. If you had a cPanel account with your existing hosting services, Go4hosting can transfer the complete cPanel hosting account including e-mail accounts if your account with them is empty.

In case your account with the existing email hosting company did not include cPanel, the e-mail data switch should be done manually. You can migrate e-mail data from another hosting provider to Go4hosting.

Create an email account manually on the Go4hosting server. You can do this by:

Login to your cPanel go4hosting account. Click Email Accounts in the Mail Section. You must create individual email accounts for each address that you want to switch. You can migrate the email data in two ways.

1. Use FTP

Use an FTP client to transfer all your files from previous server to the Go4hosting server. Ensure the same directory structure (/etc directory) is retained between the old account and the new account. Compress the files into one folder to complete the transfer fast while still in your existing server.  Transfer the compressed folder using FTP. Decompress it on your Go4hosting server.

2. Use an Email Client.

Configure both the existing and your Go4hosting accounts in an e-mail client application, and then transfer all the messages from your existing account to the new Go4hosting email hosting account. it is necessary that the previous email hosting provider must support IMAP.

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