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Why It Is Beneficial To Have A Dedicated IP Address?

IP address is an Internet Protocol address assigned to every internet enabled device or computer which is connected to a given network. It establishes identity of the device or a website in certain network.

A dedicated IP address can be a great advantage over a shared IP address. If you are sharing an IP address with a site that is involved in spamming activities, then your site can face problems of blacklisting just because it sharing an IP address. Hence a dedicated IP address provides you immunity against such activities of websites that co-exist with your site on the same server.

Furthermore, a dedicated IP address enhances your reach to wider geographical regions because it improves compatibility with certain uncommon applications and conventional browsers. This is especially the case with sites that are having SSL certificates on shared IP addresses because some older browsers may not be supporting SNI technology.

Dedicated IP enables to check website prior to pointing the domain name to server by facilitating direct server access without modifying DNS settings. Dedicated IP address is also helpful for better reputation of your website and use of certain third party scripts.

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