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What is Docebo Hosting?

Docebo hosting refers to the hosting of the Docebo application which is a cloud platform designed for e-learning purposes. This learning management system is beneficial for corporate learning. It comes with user-friendly interfaces that allow for easy video conferencing. So, when you can make use of Docebo, you can successfully cut down on valuable training time and expenses for staff such as the costs you would have to bear for printing and giving away learning materials. This is an open-source learning system that supports as many as 18 languages and various didactic models like Self Directed or Collaborative or Social learning vis-a-vis Wiki, Forums and Chat. The features offer you the flexibility to create content in multiple languages on your site through a single CMS. The Docebo is not only a handy application; it is also highly feature-rich and customizable. It can also include integrated modules like forum polls and CMS platforms making it more advanced than its competitors like aTutor or Moodle. In contrast to other CMSs which will divide the content into different categories and then use the page to show any one of these types, Docebo can divide the page on blocks and these are used for displaying text pages or polls or chats etc. so, you can basically include any component or block on any web page without having to integrate extra applications like forums and polls.

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