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What is Kimios Hosting?

Kimios hosting is needed to install Kimios which is essentially a document management system designed to serve as an alternative to the Enterprise Content Management systems. It is very user-friendly and seeks to be the strongest document producing management system. Most modern businesses will need to create and access documents and Kimios makes sure this task is hassle-free and smooth. When you use Kimios, you can access collaborative functions from your desktop directly. It will also allow you to set your own folder structure and workflow architecture; you can become an administrator of your own repository. It comes with a useful search and indexing system which is integral to document repository; so, each document is indexed together with the content and metadata. It can therefore be searched with Boolean queries and full-texts. Since users are free to combine different search criteria, it makes Kimios very powerful. Kimios hosting lets you contribute to a document without disturbing its integrity. It automatically makes the workflow design far simpler; users can make workflow requests to users groups and each step of the workflow is completely customizable. When it becomes important to attach notes or comments to any document, you can turn to Kimios for such features.

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