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How to log in to my dedicated server via SSH in Linux?

When you must log into your dedicated server through SSH in Linux, there are some steps which you must follow. To start with, you are expected to generate the SSH key pair with the help of the control panel. You can copy this private key from cPanel and then save this into a text file within your computer running Linux as its operating system. The following step will be to load this private key into the SSH agent through Terminal and using the SSH-add command. So the command should look like: ssh-add /User/youruser/private_key and you need to replace private key with location of that private-key text file.

Once this has been done, you will get prompted for entering a password and you must make sure that this is the same as that you had created when you generated the key in the cPanel. This is the final step before you can connect to the SSH. Now, the command looks like ssh [email protected]_NAME -pPORT where the USER represents the user for whom the connection must be established, PORT stands for port needed for the connection, HOST_NAME represents the IP of server which you are connecting. After this, you may press on "Enter"; if everything else is done properly, you should be able to establish SSH connection to the dedicated server successfully. Your server hostname or IP address, username for the cPanel are to be found under "Information & Settings" in the "My Accounts" section of your "User Area".

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