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How to access WHM?

The acronym WHM stands for Web Host Manager. It is basically the cPanel's server administrative management software.The WHM panel is accessible only by the end users with a dedicated hosting solution, as they are granted with a grass root level access to the corresponding server.

In case, your account is placed on any one of these solutions you can easily access the WHM panel using:


You need to bear this in mind that you have to replace "yourdomain.com" with your actual domain name, pointed to the dedicated hosting solution. If your domain is not pointed to the dedicated hosting solution, you can access the WHM panel simple by using the server's IP address. You can find the same in your Customer Area->My Account section->Manage->Your IP address.

Moreover, the WHM panel is easily accessible only from locations listed in the firewall application integrated on the server. But, in case your IP address is not already listed in the firewall rules, then don't get worried and try to get in touch with your service provider's technical support team by raising a ticket through the Help Desk.

The login credentials for the WHM panel are generally:

Username: root
Password: your password

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