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What is OpenKM Hosting?

OpenKM hosting lets businesses control production, storage and management of electronic documents so that effectiveness can be increased and information can be reused. OpenKM Hosting integrates management and collaboration of all essential documents, providing advanced search features in a single easy-to-use solution. OpenKM Hosting provides many administration tools that can define user roles and set access control; these can set levels of security for different documents and offer details of activity logs. So, the OpenKM creates a rather valuable repository of business information assets that can benefit knowledge creation as well as enable better decision making for businesses. OpenKM Hosting will benefit workplace productivity and boost work groups through shared practices, quick sales cycles, improved customer relationships, better decisions and better time-to-market for products. Using the OpenKM you will be able to get data from any kind of digital sources and collaborate with co-workers on projects and important documents. In short, OpenKM will help you control record creation, maintenance, use and distribution effectively and systematically. OpenKM Hosting will provide workflow logic that can be used for reusing and defining business logic and making management of business tasks easier. OpenKM Hosting will also allow co-workers to coordinate with one another and with the organization as a whole. Documents organized by the OpenKM can be retrieved with smart global search methods.

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