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What is Casebox Hosting?

Casebox hosting refers to an open-source application which you can install on your own server or on the office server behind firewalls and then administer it independently. This application lets you work on your desktop comfortably with drag-and-drop options for folders. You can open any number of files and edit these with your preferred programs. Casebox Hosting comes with a built-in user interface which lets you add forms and fields; you can also customize this on your own by adding the fields and forms which you may require for your work, importing necessary documents using the drag-and-drop features. You are free to create lists and charts, graphs and maps for your cases. You can auto-publish this content and statistical data to web modules. You can even organize the cases or files in an intuitive folder tree similar to the Windows and Mac File Manager. Casebox Hosting is also possible to filter through many records to get what you require through the quick filter feature. Finally, you can enjoy smart folders to organize the data automatically in a way which suits you, like by cases status or by year or by priority etc.

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