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Is A Dedicated Server Same As VPS?

No, a dedicated server is entirely different from a Virtual Private Server (VPS). One of the most striking differences between dedicated server and a VPS is that a dedicated server is a standalone server designed for use by a single user. Virtual private server is built by compartmentalization of a single server into multiple virtual private servers that are sharing one physical machine.

VPS is a virtual slice of a single machine and multiple VPSs share the same physical machine and exist in a multitenant environment. They are able to have their own RAM, CPU and disk space, just like a dedicated server. However there are limitations to the scalability of resources.

Dedicated server offers a single tenant environment with full root access to server configuration and the highest availability of resources as compared to any of the other types of hosting. In terms of control and flexibility of using operating systems, both VPS and dedicated servers are at par.

VPS hosting is much more economical than the dedicated hosting and hence is preferred by users of shared hosting who need a web hosting with better resources than shared hosting. For resource intensive websites or large e-commerce websites a dedicated server would be the right option.

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