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What is Sails.js Hosting?

Sails.js hosting makes it possible to use Sails which is needed for creating custom enterprise-level Node.js apps. Sails.js Hosting is by far the most accepted MVC framework for the Node.js. Sails.js Hosting has been designed in a way to build practical Node.js apps within weeks. This is particularly great for building chats, multi-player games and real-time dashboards. Sails.js Hosting can also be used for web application projects. Sails uses a powerful ORM called Waterline which can offer an easy-to-use data access layer that works regardless of the database you may be using. Sails.js Hosting is designed to make the data modeling more practical. There are blueprints in Sails which can start your application's backend without you having to write codes. Sails can also interpret incoming socket messages and these are compatible with all routes in the app. Sails.js Hosting also offers basic security as well as role-based access control. It is designed in a way to make it compatible with front-end strategy, no matter whether it is iOS or Android or Windows Phone or Java. This app has been constructed on Node.js which is a lightweight and popular server-side technology allowing developers to produce very fast and scalable network apps in JavaScript.

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