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How to Choose a Dedicated Server?

By dedicated server is meant a server which has been assigned exclusively for a specific client enterprise. The hosting services provider will manage this server for you and you get to enjoy unlimited resources since you will not be sharing resources with any other user. Dedicated servers are understandably more expensive compared to VPS servers or shared servers. You should compare features and prices of multiple hosting plans before you sign up with any web host.

What are the key advantages you can get from a dedicated server?

- When you choose to sign up for a dedicated server, you can enjoy utmost reliability. The main reason why dedicated servers are more reliable than shared or VPS servers is because you will not be forced to share server resources like bandwidth, memory, CPU and disk space with other users. Since resources are always available the overall performance and speed of the site is improved.

- When you sign up for dedicated hosting you will also be allotted a unique dedicated IP address. This is not possible when you buy shared hosting plans. In shared hosting, an IP address is shared by multiple users and this means that any kind of malicious activity in a neighboring site can affect your site's reputation. The IP address gets blacklisted and in the process your site gets affected and loses customers. So, having a unique IP address helps you to boost your sales as your site is protected from such events.

- Dedicated servers are also far more secure compared to shared or VPS servers. Since no individual can access the server you have it under your complete control. You get to install custom security settings and firewalls as you deem fit.

- With a best dedicated server plans you will also enjoy additional flexibility and customizability. You have control over the server and its settings; you are free to customize RAM, CPU and other resources to cater to your interests.

How to select a dedicated server hosting plan:

- When you must choose the right dedicated server for your business, you need to assess why you need it in the first place. You may need it for hosting emails and ecommerce sites, hosting sites and applications or backing up data. This will also help you understand what kind of processing power you will require. When your business is interested in virtualization technologies, use of SQL for video transcoding and apps like chat servers, it is better to sign up for servers equipped with powerful processors. GPU dedicated servers are now being considered as a good option as it can handle both 3D processing and offers energy savings.

- Before you choose a dedicated server, you must understand the amount of bandwidth you will need. When you plan on streaming multimedia files and HD images or running complex scripts, you are going to need very high bandwidth.

- To choose the right kind of dedicated server for your business you must also consider your memory requirements. When you have ample RAM you can ensure higher efficiency which will help emails, data and applications get uploaded faster. You must also decide on the operating system which will suit your business. For businesses running applications involving .Net technologies, Windows OS is recommended.

- Finally, you will need to consider the storage you require to get the right dedicated server. RAID servers are most preferred as these are secure.

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