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How to log in to an account via SSH in Mac OS?

Organizations which use a dedicated hosting server either use Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server as operating system. Web hosting providers often get queries about how to log in to a dedicated server via Secure Shell or SSH in Mac OS. It creates hell lot of confusion for the users. Don't worry! If you are also searching for the same answer, then you have landed on the right place. This article has the right answer for you. All you need to do is just follow the instructions below and log in to in your dedicated server.

At first you need to install an SSH connection in Mac operating system. Then you should start the Terminal to go ahead with the following command.

The command will be [email protected]:ssh [email protected]_NAME-pPORT

In the place of -USER- you may also write the name of the user on behalf of you want to create the SSH connection. If you are willing to know about your username then you better ask to your hosting services provider. Most of the hosting providers offer the same user name. It has to be the same which users generally use for the cPanel.

The next step has to be -HOST_NAME or you can use the IP address as well. The IP address has to be of that particular server which you are using or you want to connect.

Then in the place of - PORT -, you need to place the port name of that particular connection. Once you are done with these, you need to click on 'Enter'. Once you press enter you will be asked for the USER password. Once you type it and then click on the 'Enter' once again you will able to log in successfully. It is as simple as that. All that matters is the right command.

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