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How to Uninstall Nginx

Nginx virus is a browser hijacker, which was created with the intent of blocking popular websites as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube and others. You must take prompt action if you are welcomed by a page which states 'Welcome to Nginx' when you are trying to login to any of the above mentioned websites. Make sure you scan your website with a reputable anti-spyware so that all suspicious programs can be removed from it.

The Nginx issue is generally caused by questionable browser add-ons, browser extensions, toolbars and plugins. We often get tempted by optional downloads but there are a few that can get installed on the system even without your knowledge.

How To Avoid Getting Infected By Nginx

There are a few things that you can do to avoid getting the Nginx hijacker on your system. You must start monitoring installation of freeware. Bundling is another option that you can try. Also, keep yourself updated about information about distribution methods that are used by those who indulge in such mischievous acts. When Nginx enters a computer, it affects all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so it's very hard to miss the fact that is hiding in your PC system.

The Tell-Tale Signs

If you see an unusual increase in the number of pop-up ads, redirects to unknown websites, slowdowns and similar hassling aspects that affects the performance of your website‚ you can be sure your system has been compromised. The best way to deal with the situation is to download reputable anti-spyware and use it for keeping a check on your PC activity.

Nginx is one of the most dangerous programs that can alter system settings and cause major performance issues. That's why you should remove them when you suspect that your system has been infected by Nginx. Note that almost every freeware comes with optional components, such as browser add-ons and plugins. You must uncheck all pre-checked marks. Also select Custom or Advanced installation of the freeware which can prevent automated installation.

How to Remove Nginx virus?

You can remove Nginx using a reputable antispyware software that has the capability to detect all suspicious programs and files. Manual removal is also an option but it can prove to be extremely tedious, hassling and time-consuming. You will have to find all questionable browser add-ons and extensions. A few of them might be hidden deep inside the system which may require additional effort.

Log in to your server via SSH as the root user and stop Nginx by running the appropriate stop command. Next, navigate to where you downloaded the plugin. You may need to make apache run on port 80 again. Rebuild and restart apache. Nginx will be removed from the server.

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