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What is phpDocumentor hosting?

PhpDocumentor hosting is the globally recognized standard auto-documentation tool used for PHP. This has been created using PHP and can be used from the command line directly. It is used for generating professional looking documents from source codes of the PHP project directly. It provides some important features like support for links between documentation and generation of source codes with cross-references to PHP general documents. When you develop software, there has to be a re-usage of codes, whether you intent to or not. Comments in PHP files will serve as explanation for behaviors. When you do not have documentations the user is forced to make certain assumptions about the codes or he will try to find out through trial and error methods. Even when you have documented the code well, picking out comments from lines is a tedious task. So, the phpDocumentor is basically a tool which allows you to generate documentation from the PHP source code directly. This allows you to give more information to your buyers about the functions embedded in your source code. This makes the phpDocumentor the current standard tool for auto-documentation for PHP language.

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