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Can I Do Things With Ipv6 That I Can't Do With IPv4?

The IPv6 has much more space than IPv4 that is now out of space for new addresses. IPv4 uses 32bits allowing about 4 billion IP addresses while IPv6 allows over 340 trillion, trillion, trillion IP addresses. You do not require NAT and configuration of network has become much simpler. It has enabled full deployment of IP addresses to wireless and mobile devices. You can have better end-to-end connectivity and communicate with other users on applications like multi-player online games, file sharing, VOIP and video-conferencing without the need of a central server. You can have access to a simpler packet header that saves time and effort that goes in processing. You get much better security that authenticates and encrypts all the applications. You can experience a better Quality of Service(QoS). You can use the mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) and use any mobile device to run from any location without the need of any specific router. You can get a separate unique IP address for mobile device and have a smoother use of extension headers allowing router optimization between mobile nodules on 3G network. IPv6 incorporates many of the designs that had made IPv4 a success and a smooth transition is likely from IPv4 to IPv6.

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