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Role of Indian Government in Securing Data Centers in India (Digital )

Among all emerging IT markets of the world, India is one of the top ranking countries with an extremely favorable environment for investments related to IT industry. There are multiple factors that qualify India to be a favored IT destination including positive demography, encouraging policies of government, and sound managerial capabilities among others. No wonder, Read more>>

Understanding Multiple Aspects of Data Centers In View of Big Data

The impact of big data can be understood from the fact that ninety percent of all data is produced in the span of last two years. It is predicted that velocity of data generation will continue to accelerate further in near future. In view of this data centers need to gear up to handle the Read more>>

Importance of Data Center Services for Rapid Growth of Startups in India

Spurred by the encouraging economic and industrial policies of the new government and innovative initiatives such as Make in India, Stand Up India, and Digital India, startups are poised for a great leap in India. No wonder, India stands at the third position among all nations in the global ecosystem of startups with more than Read more>>


Go4hosting: Providing a Wide Range of World-Class Server Hosting Services

When you think of a web hosting service provider in India which offers world-class hosting solutions, you should consider Go4Hosting. This company has emerged as one of the best web hosts because it has successfully provided a wide array of hosting solutions to client enterprises across different industrial verticals. It was founded in 2000 and Read more>>

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Build Versus Lease Data Center – Which Is The Better Option?

When your business grows you will realize that your company data centre is running low on space, power and HVAC capacity. In such a scenario, you may be faced with a critical dilemma? Lease or build a data centre? Both cases have advantages. If you build a data centre, the company: Gets complete control over Read more>>


Network Virtualization: A New Approach to Optimize IT Operations

As virtualization is gaining great acceptance across all core-IT firms, CEOs are making all serious attempts to make it more holistic – putting their best foot forward to implement it at each level. Application and storage are the two key subjects where virtualization has nailed its presence, and ostensibly on good notes. Now, it’s the Read more>>

Server Ecosystem Technology Trends in 2016

We dwell in a world wherein large business transactions can be accomplished in just a few seconds. Not to mention, the data/information is burgeoning at a blazing speed, putting evident strains on traditional database and server architectures – demanding a completely new approach to handle the versatile business priorities.  Thanks to the emergence of innovative Read more>>


The Market of Data Center in India Is Expected to Thrive in 2015

Today the need to increase storage capacity has become inevitable due to soaring usage of data applications. It is no surprise that the CIOs and CTOs are always trying to find new platforms where large scale data can be kept and employed with efficiency and security. There is no denying the fact that the data Read more>>


Bright Future of Data Centers in India

In the sprint to meet surging demands of organizations, data centers are making all possible vicissitudes in their architecture and delivery systems to add value proposition including data and capacity planning, and connectivity management. According to Gartner – inflating competition, cloud hosting provider dominance, nationalism and economic welfare are a few disruptive factors that will Read more>>

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Rearchitecting Data Centers with Internet of things (IOT)

In this inter-connected global economy, IOT is the latest buzz, which is considered to have a significant potential in transforming the entire data center market. The volume of business data generated by enterprises is expected to trigger heavy demand for data center facilities. In such a scenario, the need for web servers is expected to Read more>>


Data Center for Business Scalability and Flexibility

At a time when all size businesses are planning to slash expenses and streamline operations, the data center has come under increasing pressure to make its operations efficient and modernized. Today’s data center is integrated with technology in order for ensuring correct quantity of IT service deliver, cost effective and complementing business objectives. There is Read more>>

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Data Center Infrastructure Management: Optimizing Physical &Virtual Infrastructure

The global demand for new and robust IT-based applications, together with economic advantages of consolidating physical assets has led to the growth of data centers in terms of both density and size. As companies are facing power and space constraints, combined with mounting complexities of managing data center infrastructure, a new integrated process has evolved Read more>>

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Optimized Data Center Offers Grander Benefits

To leverage your business, you need a data center that is optimized. Organizations can avail the most of what virtualization has to offer. Here are some basic points on which one should concern while selecting a data center: A data center has to be secure, cost-efficient, flexible, robust and supportable. Why & how can a Read more>>

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Finding the PERFECT Data Center Service Provider

Selecting the right data center service provider for your business websites is a tedious task of browsing through various websites. It is one of the crucial steps that ease your online experience. In the steps below, I have explicated a few essential tips to be kept in mind, while hiring a perfect data center service Read more>>