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Importance of Data Center Services for Rapid Growth of Startups in India

Spurred by the encouraging economic and industrial policies of the new government and innovative initiatives such as Make in India, Stand Up India, and Digital India, startups are poised for a great leap in India. No wonder, India stands at the third position among all nations in the global ecosystem of startups with more than 4000 industries in last year 2015.

India is the second largest contributor to the global population of developers and has more than 2.75 million developers owing to the amazing rise in number of technology startups. India’s strength of developers is only second to US, which has around 3.6 million developers. There is such a wonderful environment for technological development in India that the population of Indian developers is expected to surpass that of US to touch 5 million by the year 2018.

Need for Robust Platform

There is a very good acceptance for technology oriented businesses in India and going by the current trends, anyone can guess that the growth is going to accelerate in near future. Growth in number of startups has underlined need for a platform to help these new enterprises operate their businesses efficiently.

Robust platforms such as reliable data centers can prove to be game changers for startups with their cutting edge IT services. Platform of highly efficient data center streamline business processes of the organization, secure records, and provide wide spectrum of unique services.

Data center services are designed to safeguard overall online operations of startups while providing them security against online threats and possibility of server crash. There are several aspects of data center services that help gain stability and capability of handling traffic spikes and adding new applications to improve their online services.

Data Centers Boost Performance of Startups

It is normally believed that high end features and services of data centers can only be afforded by clients that are prepared to invest heavily. If you are short of funds, then you will have to settle for mediocre and second rate services of data centers that do not have much to offer.

This paradigm has undergone a major shift and there are a multitude of data centers in India that are offering affordable yet high end services to startups with limited financial backing. These data centers enable mid-sized or small startup to enjoy privileges or modern data centers that were hitherto feasible only for companies with strong financial background. Startups look up to data center services for gaining technological stability. They are also able to acquire high end hosting capabilities including state of the art servers, highly efficient software applications, and so forth.

Significant Hosting Options for Startups

Enterprises in their early stages have to grapple with the choice of selecting right type of hosting. The vital considerations for choosing the hosting option revolve around cost of hosting.

It is perfectly logical to be obsessive about costs during initial stages of any business due to paucity of funds. However it must be noted that cost should not be the only factor. In fact, sometimes a cheaper hosting option can be much better than a costly plan. One should also be aware of dirt cheap prices in the beginning that are jacked up after a honeymoon of one year.

Hosting plans must be studied in depth since several hosts offer freebies including free domain name, free data backups, SSL certificates, or upfront discounts to name a few.

You should never ever get associated with a host that does not guarantee round the clock technical support. Your would be host must offer you dependable technical support with multiple choices for getting in touch with technical experts including email, live chat, and telephone. There is way to check their responsiveness by trying test calls to check what kind of response is offered.

It is advisable to choose a host, which is located in the proximity of your potential customers. Geographical distances between servers and visitors matter a lot and can cause slow loading of your websites if the servers are positioned in other continents and far away from your visitors.

Relevance of Cloud Hosting for Startups

Cloud computing is rapidly emerging as one of the most economical, stable and reliable hosting option for startups. Small and medium sized enterprises are benefited by flexibility and security of cloud hosting. There was considerable resistance to adopt cloud solutions in the beginning. However cloud solutions are enjoying huge popularity because it has ability to enhance competitive edge of the organization.

Amazing scalability of cloud hosting solution helps small organization begin with minimum possible resources and continue to grow without any hassles, since cloud providers can dynamically assign additional resources as and when required.

Cloud hosting plans are ideal for small enterprises because clients can start with smaller package in the beginning. Startups can expect to perform efficiently in ever changing IT landscape due to excellent flexibility of cloud hosting.

India’s cloud hosting industry is witnessing great developments with entry of giant organizations including IBM and Microsoft who have established their infrastructure facilities in India.

Emerging startups owe a lot to data center services that enhance their technological capabilities and provide incessant online availability and stability. With growing adoption of business automation, data canter services are poised for excellent growth in India.

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