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Go4hosting: Providing a Wide Range of World-Class Server Hosting Services

When you think of a web hosting service provider in India which offers world-class hosting solutions, you should consider Go4Hosting. This company has emerged as one of the best web hosts because it has successfully provided a wide array of hosting solutions to client enterprises across different industrial verticals. It was founded in 2000 and since then, it has strived to offer world-class hosting plans and performance driven solutions to its clients. It boasts of a superior cloud infrastructure with state-of-the-art data centers at Noida in India. The main reason behind their success has been their approach towards making businesses seize new growth opportunities and enter into new markets seamlessly. Following are some of the reasons why Go4Hosting is known as a provider of world-class server hosting services:

• Data Center: To store mission-critical data, businesses need robust and well- equipped data centers which can guarantee the highest degree of security and redundancy for such data. To this effect, Go4Hosting has come out with standard Tier III data centers, two of which have been set up in Noida and Jaipur. These ensure that your data is protected against all forms of external threats and breaches round-the-clock. The data centers are backed by N+1 redundancy which guarantees 99.95% data availability even when there is a component failure. Go4Hosting is capable of hosting mission-critical servers and their facilities have fully-redundant cooling, power, and networking systems. Their hardware is superior and fault-resilient and all the facilities are protected through biometric access controls.

• Experience: Go4Hosting has grown into one of the most reliable world-class server hosting provider because of its technical expertise. It offers only tried-and-tested solutions which have been developed by Microsoft Certified Professionals. When you sign up with Go4Hosting, you can also benefit from their 24×7 technical staffs which adopt the most recent technologies for better performance.

• Support: Client enterprises find Go4Hosting services reliable because of their outstanding technical support; they will ensure that all your server-related issues get resolved without delays. You can get in touch with their customer service representative through live chats, emails and phone call. This web host is committed to offering the finest client services within the hosting industry.

• Technical Advantages: Client enterprises are likely to be faced with server related problems from time to time. So, when you sign up with Go4Hosting you can be certain of getting end-to-end maintenance services. Their experts will take care of regular security updates, upgrades for the hardware and software, downtime resolutions, traffic handling issues etc. This frees clients to use their resources to focus on other important areas of their business.

• Cost Benefits: When you own a business, establishing a private data center will entail very heavy expenses. You will also need to recruit and maintain technical experts for installing and maintaining projects on-site. So, Go4Hosting data center services are very popular because they will allow you to enjoy a highly secure infrastructure equipped with qualified and experienced technical experts handling its maintenance. You can therefore save on your capital and operational costs and instead use your resources to focus on other business matters. You can enjoy competitive pricing in their hosting packages; there are even special discounted offers for the privileged customers.

• Service Level Agreements: As far as SLAs are concerned, Go4Hosting makes sure that their contracts always back their service offerings. This agreement clearly states the responsibilities of your hosting provider and the compensations they will have to hand over to you should they fail to keep up their promises. In this sense, Go4Hosting ensures that all compensations and refunds are made in a timely manner according to terms mentioned in the SLA.

• Security Controls: When you sign up with Go4Hosting, you can enjoy their six-zone security which is impermeable. Their facilities implement stringent security measures to ensure that no unforeseen attacks can take place. They take every possible measure into account to avoid data theft, unauthorized data access and fire hazards. This security arrangement is unbeatable and you can be confident that your mission-critical data will stay absolutely safe here.

• Redundancy and Backups: In the event of any component malfunction or failure, Go4Hosting has effective backup and redundancy systems. The N+1 redundancy guarantees that in case the primary power supply of a data center fails for some reason at any time, there will be a standby power component which will offer backups. This will ensure that an organization’s functioning and productivity are never compromised.

• Carrier Neutral: Finally, businesses need to be able to deliver high data access speed to its customers at all times. For this, they must have unobstructed network connectivity. So, a site can be made available to clients 24×7 when the host can guarantee seamless network connections. Go4Hosting provides this through its carrier neutral services. This allows clients to get different telecommunication networks across different verticals. Any chance of failure will therefore get eliminated as a result leading to zero downtime.

These are some of the reasons why Go4Hosting has grown into one of the trusted and most reputed names in the world of web hosting.

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