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Server Ecosystem Technology Trends in 2016

We dwell in a world wherein large business transactions can be accomplished in just a few seconds. Not to mention, the data/information is burgeoning at a blazing speed, putting evident strains on traditional database and server architectures – demanding a completely new approach to handle the versatile business priorities. Server Ecosystem Technology Trends in 2016

Thanks to the emergence of innovative technologies that have helped in improvising security, manageability, costs, and compliance imperatives!

Rack-based Server Architecture: High in Demand

Rack-mounted server or rack server is a system that is dedicatedly utilized as a server and is designed to get installed in a rack framework. Comprising multiple mounting slots (bays), these servers ease cabling intricacies among various networking components.

According to Jorge Vela, ‘data centers continue to standardize’ on a rack-based framework. He further adds, ‘The overall market is reaping rewards from this trend, with rack-optimized servers on the rise, which is faster than the market at 9.7%.’

Let’s have a look on the following trends in server space that CEOs will witness in the coming New Year:

The growth of ever-burgeoning data represents multitude of challenges, but it also enables businesses to gain insights for making a right decision that aligns with set objectives. According to IDC, the digital universe is similar to physical world, and this world will expand greatly by 2020, comprising as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe.

Server Ecosystem

Security is the foremost concern:

Today, the number of security breaches, scale and magnitude is at its peak, mounting pressure on businesses across various sectors to re-think how security metric gets deployed, managed and addressed. Of all these reasons, achieving a consistent state of IT audit readiness is one of the prevalent challenges. As the world is impressively getting digitally influenced, the demand for quick data accessibility on any internet-ready device is on rise, which, however, also gives birth to some unwarranted perils. Unfortunately, if a cyber-threat infiltrates the corporate network, the penalties can be dire. Therefore, organizations need to ensure a balance between performance and security.

Stagnant Budget Allocation: 

Increasing user expectations to deliver expected performance in tandem to security has always been a matter of concern for IT administrators. To grow, adapt, and manage business requirements within the sanctioned devices and applications – is a major challenge. There has been a great focus on mitigating server sprawl and converging data center space. Emphasis on incorporation of high-velocity server helps in responding with apposite sophistication to meet such challenges.

Server Ecosystem

Software-centric Architecture:

Hyper-convergence enables IT organizations just below the hypervisor to run virtual machines (VMs) and applications in an optimal way. It streamlines data center infrastructure by appropriately incorporating server, storage, computing resources, including virtualization, into a turnkey platform. On the top of it, this software-centric setup shields data both locally and remotely while curtailing total cost of ownership.

Cloud Adoption: 

Cloud adoption is rampant; however there are many organizations that are still tied to their conventional setup. Public cloud is a highly hyped computing model allowing organizations to reap benefits from scalability and cost-efficiency. Even though the hybrid approach is greater in demand as it provides best of both the worlds, namely – public and private cloud.

Flash Storage is In & Disk is out:

It is speculated that the availability of multi-terabyte flash storage devices will help flash to prove its excellence over high-end 15K RPM disk drives depending on a storage-cost basis. This, in turn, will boost the adoption of flash in 2016 owing to its quick response time and reduced storage maintenance cost.

Server Ecosystem

High-end Computing:

It goes without saying that businesses have leveraged high-performance computing (HPC) at a decent level, which has increased the investment on HPC in 2015. HPC is a practice whereby computing power is collated in such a fashion that it delivers high performance over typical desktop computer.  Well, in 2016 the investment on HPC will continue to grow.

Server Ecosystem

Let’s have a look at Gartner’s report:

In the 3rd quarter of 2015, global server shipments witnessed a growth of 9.2% which is more from the 3rd quarter of year 2014. Furthermore, the report suggests vendor revenue augmented 7.5 % year over year. Asia Pacific grew the most in shipments, with a 24% increase.

Server Eco System

Apart from this, the world will also witness a boom in business analytics industry that will enable organizations to take a quick insight into real-time data. Business Analytics is an emerging trend that is expected to witness exponential growth in the approaching year owing to the augmentation of technology.

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