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Benefits of Using a Well-defined VPN

Businesses these days grow to multiple offices across the globe. In order to ensure the smooth running of business operations, you need to devise a smooth, secure and reliable means of transmitting data. This is all the more essential for people travelling all the time such as salespeople; only then can they connect to computer networks from remote locations.

In order to accomplish these goals, the VPN technology is useful. VPN or Virtual Private Network makes use of a public network such as the internet to connect to remote sites. Such a VPN makes use of “virtual’ connections which are basically routed from business private networks for the encryption of data.

Since the internet is more accessible these days, ISPs or internet service providers develop faster & reliable services. In order to leverage the same, leased lines have been replaced with new technologies. Only then the internet connection is utilized in the form of intranet which is a private internal network dedicated to a company alone. On adding a VPN to the same, intranet resources are extended to remote offices and portable devices. Data access then becomes hassle free from home/other geographical locations.

Such a VPN allows an employee to send/receive data across public networks. Such a VPN is created by establishing virtual-point-to-point connections.

The rise of VPN-oriented data centers

VPN-as-a-service is the new buzzword. On-premise data centers are now deploying this service model as an extension of existing L2 and L3 VPN services. These are transmitted from cloud data centers for the control of virtual resource sharing functions.

Some advantages of VPN focused data center services are as follows:

  • They help to strictly maintain secure, dependable and logical isolation
  • characteristics of a VPN
  • Data center resources become additional attributes of VPNs
  • End-to-end VPN-based service management becomes permissible
  • The VPN can control how and what data center resources are associated with a given VPN

Therefore with a well-defined VPN in place, any business can provide reliable as well as secure private connections in-between computer networks. This is favorable over a public network especially the internet.

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