New Era Of IT Industry

New Era Of IT Industry In India

“Cloud computing is not a model that suddenly appeared overnight.” Plenty has been said or written about cloud computing in recent years. In fact it is pertinent to have a comprehensive understanding on growing industry trends. “Cloud computing” was coined for what happens when applications and services are moved into the internet “cloud.” Companies all over Read more>>


Progression Of Human Resources To Cloud Technology

These days, my business house is busy hiring new talents across the verticals. I often see them occupied with loads of work; that somehow consumes most of their time and cause hindrance in the task of strategic planning. In this case, a cloud based HR system would indeed be helpful in removing the administrative stress Read more>>


Is Dedicated Server Soon Coming To An End?

Technological advancements often result in the fall of last generation technologies. Some of the fading technologies, such as: Landlines, External hard drives, Compact digital cameras have been replaced by other expedient innovations. Similarly, this can be seen as the sunup of cloud computing, which might end the trend of hosting through a dedicated server. For Read more>>


World is Moving Towards Virtual Hosting Services!

“Virtualization” is a buzzword for the current decade and is expected to dominate the computing industry for years to come.. Now, the question arises that what is Virtualization and how do the hosters make use of it? In earlier days, when internet services were started in India, the concept of only shared hosting was prevalent. Read more>>

Cloud vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Ever wonder why businesses these days are talking about Cloud Server instead of age old Dedicated Server. During the early days of Internet when technologies like virtualization did not come like into being ‘Dedicated Server’ was considered to be a highly valuable service. Data centers used to either offer Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting Service Read more>>


World Turns To Cloud Technology

The world is changing and so are our needs. Growing urbanization, inadequate infrastructure and limited resources, are all affecting our lifestyles. With passing time, we are getting more into the clutches of World Wide Web, and of course for good reasons! In such a scenario, imagine a world where 7 billion (and growing) global population Read more>>


Explore the world of shared hosting!

Part 5 After so many interesting segments, we have reached our last part of discussion on Shared Hosting – counted as a best choice for beginners. The name itself is quite explanatory. There are many other advanced solutions like dedicated, VPS etc.  Also available in the market, but Shared hosting has its own specialty and Read more>>

cloud hosting provider

Cloud Hosting: Another Advanced Hosting Solution

Part 4 Ready to start with another advanced discussion… Here we go… Cloud hosting is a quite broad and advanced term to define. If we take the most generic form, then cloud is considered as the connected servers that allow a website to process with the power of many servers. A website hosted on cloud Read more>>


Email Hosting Services

Part 3 Well, quite excited to give you an insight of this particular domain. Actually, Email Hosting is one of mine favorite topics, for which I could probably have hour’s long discussion. Loaded with a range of cogent features, email hosting enhances the ability of emailing and tracking, which is an important need for every Read more>>

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Part 2 With an optimistic approach that prior blog has helped you fathom the functioning, features, and limitations of Dedicated Server Hosting. It’s the time to bring next ‘VPS Hosting‘ into limelight. Likewise, dedicated server, VPS hosting has also its deep roots in the hosting industry. To begin with, let us first untangle what VPS Read more>>

Guide to Dedicated Server Hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Server over Shared Hosting

Determining to which hosting environment to cull requires thorough mulling. Be it a dedicated server hosting or a shared server hosting, the two environments tote similarities, however the disparities are pertinent, which plays a crucial chore in deciding the success of the organization. In a nutshell, a shared server hosting is shared with various other Read more>>

Data Centers in India

Why Go4hosting Is Considered As Best Data Center In India

Go4hosting data center is a paradigm of excellence. The services offered by Go4hosting data center are unbeatable in terms of infrastructure, security, feasibility, and off course in customer service. Various modules integrated with the offered data center services, ensure the smooth and swift working of the business operations relying on our data center. Sterling Infrastructure Read more>>


How SSL Certificates Are Essential for E-Commerce

E- Commerce is an expeditiously flourishing industry and is expected to boom beyond specified limits in near future. Business transactions on the Web have allowed consumers to be a proud owner of anything under the sky, and that too in the flick of fingers. The market for a Web based business is independent of geographical Read more>>