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Varied Web Hosting Solutions for SMEs!

Web hosting is a process of renting server space or web space and bandwidth. Organizations store confidential data, text, images, videos and more. Server hosting organizations maintain these files for their customers and offer technical support and make the website live all the time. So, web hosting services are important for the organizations and should Read more>>


Windows On VPS Servers And Some Reasons For Its Growing Popularity

VPS Servers or virtual private servers are protected and reliable hosts. This technology is costly but again it is highly secure, steadfast and robust. VPS technology also helps to keep data confidential and offers a seamless access 24×7. Windows can be made to run on VPS Servers by two types of virtualization technologies. The first Read more>>


VPS Hosting Technology: A Deep Insight

Virtualization is gaining enough recognition owing to its cogent traits, helping businesses to achieve maximum agility and proficiency, the amplified ROI and significant cutbacks in IT overhead and convolutions. Right from the largest MNC’s to smallest startups, all are tapping into the potential of virtualization to reap IT benefits. VPS Technology VPS technology help converting Read more>>

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Part 2 With an optimistic approach that prior blog has helped you fathom the functioning, features, and limitations of Dedicated Server Hosting. It’s the time to bring next ‘VPS Hosting‘ into limelight. Likewise, dedicated server, VPS hosting has also its deep roots in the hosting industry. To begin with, let us first untangle what VPS Read more>>