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Advantages of Email Hosting Solutions

The service which runs email servers is referred to as email hosting. This means that for domain owners who want to enjoy email services, it is imperative to sign up with email hosting service providers. Web hosting companies typically offer email hosting features but these will usually provide only the basics in virus protection. Moreover, Read more>>


Cloud Email Hosting Always Improves Anti-spam and Email Security

Organizations these days are considered as prime recipients of spam. There is no denying the fact that spam continues to grow, thereby posing a threat for traditional on-premises email security products to protect companies’ communication channels. This is because traditional on-premises email security products often lack space for additional hardware installation, which in turn deprive Read more>>


What Makes Business Email Hosting a Choice for SMBs

More and more SMBs are moving towards email hosting providers over running an in-house email server. And why not, when the decision can bring a complete array of benefits with it! Here, take a look at some of the leading benefits making business email hosting an ideal choice for SMBs. Better Reliability While the actual Read more>>


Drive Your Brand With Zimbra Unified Collaboration Solution

Businesses and consumer service providers across the globe are switching to Zimbra’s open and unified collaboration solution. It delivers ideal customer engagement as well as provides scope to expand profit margins. Zimbra is built on an open architecture; so incorporating it means a seamless integration and compliance of all existing solutions and infrastructure. As a Read more>>


Eliminate the Hassle of Complex Email Management with Email Hosting

Growing cybercrime, spamming and hacking attacks have always mounted pressure on growing businesses to channelize their communication in an unmatched and secured way. That’s the reason why professional email hosting services have become an imperative need for entire business world. Email hosting services have carved a special niche for itself owing to its characteristics that Read more>>

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How Can A Resilient Email Hosting Uplift Your Business?

Can you possibly imagine running your business without email? The answer should plainly be No. Email communication is the backbone of IT industry failing of which the projects would come to a halt right way. The options for email hosting are plenty; however there are only few that rise above the rest in terms of Read more>>


Is Email Hosting A Viable Option For SMBs

Emails have played a pivotal role in bringing the world closer. Undeniably, the evolution of emails has surpassed the challenges encountered by traditional communication medium making it more advanced and agile. Businesses are leveraging email solution for their internal and external communication process. Facts reveal, when SMBs move from web-based and POP3 email to advanced Read more>>

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Carry Business Email Server in Your Pockets

Imagining business existence without emails is akin to visualizing “body without bones”!!!! An invincible email structure to manage confidential and day-day communication process has become an obligate than merely a need. Having a reliable email server on board – aligns your business chores, keeps the email integrity intact, and gives “under lock and key” locale Read more>>


Email Hosting Services

Part 3 Well, quite excited to give you an insight of this particular domain. Actually, Email Hosting is one of mine favorite topics, for which I could probably have hour’s long discussion. Loaded with a range of cogent features, email hosting enhances the ability of emailing and tracking, which is an important need for every Read more>>