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Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Significant Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Every organization that is planning an overhaul of its backup and disaster recovery facility needs to think about a hybrid cloud option. Hybrid cloud is an extremely flexible option in contrast to the conventional disk and tape backups. It empowers your IT staff with remarkable flexibility by offering excellent availability and rapid recovery in an Read more>>

Key Aspects of IaaS that Facilitate Growth of Cloud Adoption

Among the three basic cloud service models, Infrastructure as a Service has contributed significantly to overall growth of cloud adoption in 2016. In fact IaaS has registered the highest rate of growth and is poised to continue the growth spell in the year 2017 also. IaaS as offers support to SaaS Infrastructure as a Service Read more>>

Reviewing Multiple Advantages of Moving to Enterprise IT to IaaS

Cloud adoption is an important topic of discussion across many organizations irrespective of industry verticals. Cloud based Infrastructure as a Service is very much on the agenda of 83 percent CIOs who value cloud as an effective alternative to traditional IT infrastructure. Importance of IaaS The shift is certainly tilting towards ‘renting’ rather than ‘buying’ Read more>>

Government of India to Drive Its Cloud Services with 11 Cloud Services Including CyFuture, IBM, and Microsoft

The recent announcement by government to provisionally empanel eleven cloud service provider firms such as Microsoft, IBM, CyFuture and the state sponsored BSNL underlines CyFuture’s extensive capabilities as an established cloud provider. Indian cloud hosting companies The other companies who have been shortlisted for the empanelment as cloud providing agencies are Tata Communications, Microsoft Corporation, Read more>>

Influence of Cloud Computing on Media Distribution Industry

Emergence of modern internet enabled communication devices such as smart phones backed by extensive penetration of internet connectivity has revolutionized delivery and distribution of video content to an ever growing and perpetually demanding consumer base. Media and entertainment industry- new challenges This evolution is marked by a significant shift from legacy platforms and broadcasting models Read more>>

Leveraging Scalability of Cloud to Boost Business Prospects

Thanks to cloud computing, any student or an aspiring entrepreneur can not only dream about being the next Zuckerberg but has the potential to become one. This is the power of cloud technology, which can transform business prospects, bring in new innovations, or support faster development and marketing of products with its scalability and flexibility. Read more>>

Importance of Data Center Services for Rapid Growth of Startups in India

Spurred by the encouraging economic and industrial policies of the new government and innovative initiatives such as Make in India, Stand Up India, and Digital India, startups are poised for a great leap in India. No wonder, India stands at the third position among all nations in the global ecosystem of startups with more than Read more>>

Key Factors to Assess Before Moving Your Data into Cloud

We are witnessing extensive adoption of cloud computing in almost all verticals and categories of industries. It is observed that every organization is moving either part of entire IT infrastructure to cloud for gaining operational agility and resource scalability and flexibility of business processes. Significance of assessing features of cloud storage Before moving your data Read more>>

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Cloud Culture Boosts Maturing of Cloud Solutions

Expectations from IT leaders as well as the teams under them to contribute to larger issues that can improve organization’s business prospects were on the cards for a long time. However technological limitations restricted capabilities of IT personnel to rise above the mundane tasks that related to maintaining IT capabilities of the organization. The status Read more>>

Influence of Data Storage and Analytics on Cloud Adoption in 2017

There are many indicators to substantiate the fact that cloud adoption is going be an extensive phenomenon across all US and Non-US based industries in 2017. The prediction has a sound foundation of 2016 Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey by IDG. Dominating cloud trends in 2017 The budgetary provisions for cloud spend are considerably higher for Read more>>

Compelling Attributes of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service represents a cloud based service that facilitates online access to software applications. Consumers are able to use software applications and use them for multiple purposes on rental basis. SaaS is an excellent alternative to the conventional method of installing the applications on physical machines and configuring for their use. Since SaaS Read more>>

How to Build an Effective Hybrid Cloud Platform

Cloud computing has shifted from a lower total cost of ownership alternative to a key enabler of business innovation. As it gains maturity, more and more organizations are putting their best foot forward to make this multi-dimensional technology an integral part of their core business systems. For a growing number of organizations, hybrid cloud framework Read more>>

Is it the Right Time to Upgrade your Dedicated Server to Cloud?

We are living in an application driven landscape, where the functionality and performance of your applications have a direct impact on your business and brand. One bad experience forces your potential end-users to switch to a rival app. In this regard, successful businesses pore over every solution before they put the pedal to the metal. Read more>>


Analytics, CRM and CPQ Services to Witness Increased Business Growth

As 2016 is already here, leading strategists and research firms have started contemplating on the grounds of the analysis derived from the preceding year, giving businesses a microscopic view on growing cloud market, to help them gain a pragmatic view of headways for better decision-making. Operational excellence, best returns on investment and adding value proposition Read more>>

Dedicated or Cloud Server? What to choose?

In an increasingly competitive and digitized world, CXOs are constantly faced with the dilemma of choosing the right IT infrastructure to host their business critical enterprise data. On one hand there is pressure to securely manage constantly growing terabytes of enterprise data and on the other, pressure to maintain ever-increasing IT infrastructure costs.  Decision-makers frequently Read more>>