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Reviewing Multiple Advantages of Moving to Enterprise IT to IaaS

Cloud adoption is an important topic of discussion across many organizations irrespective of industry verticals. Cloud based Infrastructure as a Service is very much on the agenda of 83 percent CIOs who value cloud as an effective alternative to traditional IT infrastructure.

Importance of IaaS

The shift is certainly tilting towards ‘renting’ rather than ‘buying’ as organizations tend to prefer renting the requirement of infrastructure than investing in purchase of capital equipment. IaaS is a service model of cloud that facilitates outsourcing of infrastructural needs of an organization such as servers, hardware, software and storage among others.

According to NIST definition, IaaS empowers consumers by provisioning an array of fundamental resources of computing such as storage, data processing, and networks. This facilitates deployment and running of applications as well as operating systems. While the underlying infrastructure is not controlled by the consumers, the end user or consumer is able to control applications, storage, and operating systems.

In spite of being a priority option of C-level executives of many organizations, there are many professionals who are skeptical about possible uses and benefits of IaaS. They need a sound justification for moving the IT infrastructure to cloud.

Any technological change has to prove itself in terms of its benefit to masses before it is extensively adopted. Move from traditional TV to LED TV or telephone to smart phone are some examples to understand significance of features advantages and benefits in order to create an ideal environment for acceptance of new paradigms of technologies.

In order to understand the significance of adopting IaaS model of cloud computing, it is essential to know the benefits of moving IT infrastructure to cloud.

Control on Upfront Costs

While launching a startup or any company belonging to small or medium category, it is essential to restrict costs. Deployment of hardware equipment, servers, or any type of computing resource involves considerable upfront costs. Such capital costs can be entirely eliminated by adopting IaaS solutions that are based on cloud computing technology.

Cloud migration services and IaaS providers can be used for effective control of infrastructure. Business owners can move data to cloud and procure cloud resources at significantly lower rates than traditional options. Therefore cloud adoption is considered as a very important step to mitigate organization’s CAPEX.

Burstable Resource Availability

One of the most attractive benefits of cloud infrastructure is on demand resource provisioning especially in the event of traffic spikes. Thanks to the underlying attributes of IaaS offering, resources have ability to expand automatically without need for additional provisioning of infrastructure.

No Single Point of Failure

It is observed that an unplanned outage or sudden server crash can lead to loss of mission critical data. Infrastructure as a Service model is backed by multiple redundancies and assured data backup facilities. The cloud makes sure that even if there is a failure of a single node, the application is sustained by moving the load to another load.

Mitigation of Time to Market

In the fiercely competitive environment, you need a technology that can help you introduce new services or products in market at faster rate than your competitors. This can be achieved by using IaaS model that is regarded for excellent scalability as well as flexibility to enhance your ability of responding to opportunities with greater agility.

Superior Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Data protection is one of the most vital concerns of any organization. Disaster or an unplanned outage can lead to catastrophic consequences that can challenge an organization’s very existence. It is found that even well designed plans for on-site data continuity and disaster recovery are not able to efficiently put everything back on track. Thanks to a consolidated infrastructure for business continuity and disaster recovery provided by IaaS, organizations minimize operating costs with grater manageability. Cloud based Disaster recovery establishes quicker availability by leveraging remote as well as off-premise data backup facilities.

Excellent Security and Performance

Businesses need not be concerned about protection of critical data at on-site IT infrastructure. By outsourcing cloud storage infrastructure, one can rest assured abut protection of data in addition to frequent backups for updating the data. You will be in a sound position to handle any type of emergency, which may be a planned attack or a natural disaster.

It is often the case that performance is compromised while implementing cost cutting measures. One must not ignore that performance is key to success of an organization. By adopting IaaS, one can access a broad assortment of services that are capable of improving overall performance, including a responsive help desk support to handle any kind of technical glitches.

In Conclusion

A decision to adopt IaaS is sure to multiply your profits. If you are able to find a right service provider for cloud computing solutions, then you can not only gain a superior edge over competitors but will also be benefitted by in depth expertise of the cloud hosting provider to find the right IaaS solution for your enterprise.

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